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Drop's "service" & response time

I've purchased 2 sets of headphones from Drop and 2 DACs. I want to love Drop, but all in all, your response time is bad. It's like, "do I save $$ but get bad and unresponsive service" or "pay higher prices elsewhere and get good service"? I purchased the much-ballyhooed HD6XX and have yet to succeed in purchasing the warranty. Yes, you replied to my emails but when it came to the point to purchase, crickets from you. Hopeful that this was unusual, I recently purchased the Drop Hifiman HE4XX. Unfortunately, they arrived scratched, with a crimped cable and am still waiting for your response. You began but did not complete the process for exchanging. I did purchase the warranty for the HE4XX but at the end of the day, it may not make any difference. If I ever need the warranty, how will that work out? Are you understaffed? I do not like to whine / complain but you guys need to get your act together. (And please, don't blame things on COVID-19). Oy.

I mean, with everyone working from home, reduced hours, reduced occupancy in warehouses/offices, etc, COVID-19 is going to affect things for a long time, whether you feel that’s valid (or the pandemic is real) or not. With that said, due to the extended turn around time with customer support right now, perhaps some extensions and flexibility in Drop’s policies might be appropriate.
There is a large number of customer service tickets at the moment. Maybe @jennychin can shed some light on the situation
erickongHi @DrEas ! I apologize for the delay in our responses as we are experiencing a higher ticket volume at this time. I do see that you are already being assisted by a member of our support team. However, please look out for my reply on your ticket for further assistance. Thank you!
Aug 19, 2020
Same here , but they never answered me at all
GU1DOHi @GU1DO ! I have replied to your ticket as well. Please look out for my response!
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