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Community Announcement: Discussion Rules

Massdrop encourages active discussion between our members and welcomes constructive and civilized debate. We ask that all members adhere to the spirit of respectful dialogue. Massdrop monitors all posts and reserves the right to remove any content that does not adhere to our moderation guidelines. Some Basic Rules

Web Links: We love backing up comments with sources and good information, so you are welcome to include links to material on other websites that are relevant to your comment. However, links to pornography and other offensive material are not allowed. Massdrop administrators check these links and may remove anything deemed offensive. Please don’t post things that will keep us up at night. We’ll remove them. Also, we’ll be upset. Relevance: While we appreciate wide-ranging discussions, we'd like to avoid derailing things to a certain extent. Let's try to keep within arms reach of the topic at hand if we can. Trolling: We understand you're having fun with it, but it's distracting and does nothing to promote good discussion. There's a good chance we'll just remove it so please save us all a little time. Offensive Language: We're not opposed to a good curse word (or two, or three) when we get excited, but let's try to keep it positive. Try to refrain from hurling insults at your fellow users or using disparaging terms. It's your right to express yourself, but it’s our right to remove or modify your post if we or the community deem it offensive. Arguing vs Yelling: Below is an image that shows the typical flow of an argument as it breaks down from a good productive debate to unproductive name calling. Keep it in the top 4 sections of the pyramid and everything will be alright. We may step in and remove your post once you start dipping into baseless claims or making personal insults.

Discrimination: You don’t like certain people and that’s your choice, but we do not condone hatred of any kind. Discriminatory remarks are unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, and homophobia. Threats: We know it’s easy to get riled up about things you're passionate about, but statements that are threatening or abusive will not be tolerated. Pretend you’re having a face-to-face with the people in the discussion and don’t be a keyboard warrior. Nobody is impressed by this behavior, and the situation has no winner. Slander & Libel: Don't make false or malicious claims about other people or organizations. Posting a negative opinion or review is fine, but don’t engage in discrediting individuals or organizations for unrelated issues with blatantly false information. This includes posting speculations as if they are fact. Wild speculations that are intended to persuade others may be removed for spreading false information. Advertising: We love community projects and the process that goes into them. If you want to share that cool thing you’re working on or one you already made, this is a great place to do that. That does not mean spamming links or astroturfing. This is a community to take part in, not take advantage of. Ghosting: Pseudonyms are fine, but don't impersonate another person or use an alias to agree with yourself or advertise. We can see you’re doing it. Embrace who you are and just be the one you. Privacy: In addition to being mindful of your own information, do not post any identifiable information about others. The internet is full of clever people and immoral people. They are not always mutually exclusive. Illegal Activity: Do not use this website to conduct any illegal activity or solicit the performance of any illegal activity. Drug deals are the wrong kind of drop for our site. Flagging Posts to Massdrop Should you observe a fellow member breaking these rules, please report the post by clicking the “Flag” icon located in the top right corner of every post and thread.
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Can the CTRL keyboard be in ISO Nordic?
After reviewing your chart I promise I'll try my very best not to call anyone an asshat. May I call an offensive individual a "hole upon which an asshat is placed?" I'm new here. I heard some things about [Mass]Drop and had to join today to get the Granite Gear Crown X60. That's an awesome backpack even at its full retail price. At half-retail including my new member bonus, I'm really happy with my purchase. It's going to be a long two months waiting, but ehhh...It'll make it that much better when I get it!
i agree mass.drop was a better name , but meh! not that big of a deal and makes for nicer icons lol
Drop is a silly name. Have you tried Googling drop? You get lots of sites but Massdrop will be on page 31 of the search. Bizarre choice for a new name.


Pretty sure it's spelled asshats <3 ;)
That ass hat pyramid is the best thing I've seen all day :D
Linking to other websites. What is the coding format for linking to websites? That is so the link is a name and not the full URL? Thanks.
Love Graham's hierarchy of disagreement. Here is some reference information:
There we go. Couldn't remember the name for the life of me. Just had the image.
I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread to ask this, but I thought not. Maybe you should start an FAQ / meta thread where people can ask these questions rather than on the community guidelines page. I also wanted to make sure that this would be on a thread not specific to a certain community, I hope this is the right thread for that.
Okay, so one thing I've been wanting to ask but keep forgetting. What is your take on buying / selling / trading threads on Massdrop? I feel that as a community, this is something that would really help us, especially for the things that have sizes and people end up buying the wrong size. This is a big and important question that needs to be answered and discussed, as MD is moving to a more community-based platform rather than just a market place.
I know that you're a market place too and this might be against what you want / wish, but I thought I'll put this out there. Maybe you could have these threads moderated, and only allow things bought on Massdrop to be sold to other members, with a price cap of what it sold for on MD during a drop? This would make me at least more willing to try new clothes / shoes, knowing that I'd probably be able to exchange them for the correct size or sell them to others on Massdrop.
But this would also apply to other communities as well, not just men's style - what if you bought a pair of headphones and didn't really like them? What if an amp doesn't pair very well with your existing audio gear?
I am certain that things being final sale on MD really holds some people back. You cut on inventory costs, pass on the savings to us. If something like this happens, the community of buyers could become your inventory, so to speak. Thoughts?
(I'm tagging names of MD people I remember mostly from Men's style and audiophile communities)
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Thanks for your patience on this one @payodpanda. As @AlexPeterkin mentioned already, we consider a peer to peer marketplace that is devoid of fraud a big tool for any community.
At this point, I'd say that we want to keep a neutral point of view to community started threads especially when trading is involved. However, we want community members to be extremely careful with any transactional posts because of the possibility of fraud.
All that said, I think the community can come up with creative ideas on how to prevent themselves. We'll also be keeping a close eye on any threads that are created along these lines and trying to make sure everything's kosher.
Here's an example of a trading thread that has been created in EDC:
I agree with what you're requesting. I'm the outdoors type. has a buy/sell system and only people that have been proven as legit members are allowed to post sales there. Such as a minimum membership time, activity level(?), minimum posts(?). All intended to weed out scammers. Their guidelines might be a good staring point for Drop to consider. And I definitely like the idea of only verified Drop purchases to be sold. I also think a maximum time between purchase and sale would be good. And certainly no ability to profit. Shipping details would be an exception and up to the buyer/seller. Also a feedback/rating system for buyers and sellers. Of course Drop should not be held liable for anything. It would have to be an "at your own risk" sort of thing where I believe Paypal would be the wisest payment option. I am slightly concerned about the size/fit of a backpack I just ordered, but I know I'll have no problem selling it for what I paid if I have an issue.
What is the ultimate purpose of this discussion board? Are there different categories of threads you'd like to see? Do y'all have a vision/mission statement?!
In seriousness, I think some sort of statement of purpose would be beneficial. Maybe there already is one and I've missed it.
I think one reason this is still "beta" is that they're still playing around and testing the waters, looking at what works, what doesn't. That said, there must have been some incentive behind starting this discussion place other than "let's get the community to interact with each other more" because that already happens in drops.
I guess one motive would be (or at least I see this as being a side effect of what's happening) for Massdrop to change its image from a vendor / product aggregator with a good community to a good community that also aggregates products based on the needs of the community made apparent by these discussion fora. Community-first, rather than market-first.
I love meta questions and discussions and would love to hear Massdrop's take / reasoning for this.
@Claghorn and @payodpanda
I can definitely answer this. When we started Massdrop, it was originally focused on helping members of different enthusiast communities run group buys more effectively. As we grew, we added polling features, a discussion section as part of the group buy process, started helping the community create new, original products, organize meetups and events, created and posted original content and a lot more.
Over time, the vision for the company evolved to be something much bigger. We decided to start focusing first and foremost on building a great community focused on different interests and hobbies. Buying things are a really important part of that, but as we're growing, we're focusing on launching a ton more features focused *solely* on helping the community interact with each other in a better way.
This talk section is the first of many to come and is a great way to see how the Massdrop community interacts on site. In terms of category of threads, we'd rather see posts that are really thoughtful or original than aiming for having as many threads created as possible.
An example would be @Claghorn's post: is overall a great thread since it helps make the Men's Style community more accessible to new people that are genuinely interested in getting started. At the same time, the thread is a great place for people that are more advanced members of the community to discuss and debate.
Hope this helps and happy to answer any other questions you guys have.
On "Arguing vs Yelling" section, reader is instructed to seek yellow region. There are colorblind people (or just people with really bad displays) who might have difficulties using color to identify accepted behavior. I would suggest some more means introduced onto graph, for those people. Something along the lines "stay above threshold", and then a dotted line.
That's a very good point. We'll edit it an add the new image.
Edit: We edited the language.
You've attained elite reputation.
Sorry, I just had to.
So Interesting finds/Identify this keyboard thread is a go? 😁
Absolutely. Start a thread for it. ALSO. You should make a thread for your retrobright experiment
That would have been at least 83 posts long.
Hey everyone,
We've created these guidelines with the intention of creating a welcoming and educational environment for anyone to be or become a passionate member of the community. We want to keep these here as a place for everyone to come and learn about posting in "Talk" or anywhere else on Massdrop.
We've given these guidelines a lot of thought, but we know that many of you have both positive and negative interactions from around the internet. If you see something that hasn't been addressed, then please let us know and we'll take its addition into consideration.
Thanks and welcome to Talk!
P.S. I am so excited!!!!