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Greetings Mech Keys Community, It goes without saying that the last 6 months have been pretty turbulent for everyone. We’ve gone from running at full capacity, to complete factory shutdowns, working from home, and operating a social distanced shipping operation. The good news is that we're finally starting to adapt to all of these changes and get our feet under us. We've gone from being extremely behind and delayed on everything, to almost catching up and being in-stock on most of our popular products. COVID is still around, but we’ve made significant operational changes to try to minimize its disruption on our core operations. For those of you who have patiently stood by and supported us, we extend a huge thank you for your support. Throughout this time, we've invested a significant amount of time planning the next 12 months and we’ve thought long and hard about a vision for how we want to focus our offerings to the Mechanical Keyboard community. The theme that we found to be most relevant, was the accessibility of the mechanical keyboards and their components. The biggest meme in the community is how everyone is always waiting for everything. We believe this wait makes the community inaccessible to many casual consumers. These are people that want a beautiful keyboard but aren't willing to wait 8 months for the keycaps, 4 months for the switches, and 6 months for a cable. Alternatively, paying a 300% markup on our favorite marketplace isn’t very appealing either. With this, the direction we're moving towards is one where we will focus on increasing the diversity of our product offerings and the quality of our service (i.e. in-stock products, faster shipping, fewer delays, etc.). To be clear, this doesn't mean we won't still be working on unique, bespoke, artisan products. But it does mean we've allocated a fair amount of resources to really bolster and round out our Mech Keys offerings. Under this directive, we've launched a ton of initiatives in the past 6 months, and they're starting to see the light of day. Here's a sneak peak into a few of them: MT3 Doubleshot Keycaps MT3 Susuwatari has been an incredibly successful set and Matt3o is following that up with the gorgeous MT3 3277 colorway. In addition to that, Black on White, White on Black, and Carmillo colorways are slated to be released before the end of the year! We've got a dozen other sets lined up after that, and we're trying to get them moving as fast as we can. For an insider's look at the MT3 Doubleshot Keycap manufacturing process, check out this article. ENTR Keyboard The latest addition to the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT family, the ENTR Keyboard is designed to be a budget-friendly gateway to the mechanical keyboard world. Boasting our Skylight keycaps, Halo switches, and crisp white backlighting, this keyboard provides excellent value to someone first joining the hobby. CTRL/ALT Support Our two most popular keyboards are getting rounded out with some really great customization options. We've recently added low profile and high profile colored cases. Now, you can refresh the look of your favorite keyboard with that perfect color of anodized aluminum. In addition, standalone PCBs for CTRL and ALT are right around the corner. And there's one last thing: our configurator is getting some love with a fully compiled, multi-platform GUI, set to be released before the end of the year. SHIFT Having shipped all of the pre-orders, we now have our warehouse shipment of thousands of SHIFT keyboards arriving in November, just in time for the holidays. Free Refunds and Cancellations The industry standard for group-buys is, “Once you’ve paid, you’re never seeing your money again”. You’re not allowed to cancel your participation in a group-buy before it ships, nor are you able to refund your order if you don’t like it. We’ve changed our policies to reverse this very negative customer experience by offering hassle-free cancellations and refunds on Drop Studio products. Designer Program We're looking to partner with more keycap designers! For budding artists that want to take a shot at designing the next hot colorway (like Red Samurai, Laser, or Oblivion), have a look at this presentation that introduces our new designer program. Signature Series Keyboards One of the largest questions/complaints we hear from our non-MK users is that they want to own a beautiful keyboard, but can't go through the hassle of waiting for keycap preorders, lubing switches, and assembling their keyboard (I mean, isn't that 98% of the fun?!?!?). With that in mind, we've designed and pre-built some keyboards using our most popular keycap, switch, case, and form-factor combinations—and we’ll be offering them for sale in the coming months. These are aimed towards the "super casual" buyer, so don't be too disappointed that it doesn't tickle the appetite of an experienced DIYer. We also have plans for some super high-end semi-custom "Designer Series" keyboards in 2021 :). Eternal Preorders and Store Inventory As many of you have seen, we're now carrying more MT3, GMK and SA keycaps in our "keycap store" that ship immediately. Ultimately our goal is to have as many keycaps in stock as possible to make the hobby as accessible as possible. With this, we're going to start running our preorders for extended periods to let more people join. Discounted prices will be available to those who buy well in advance (i.e. the first 30 days), versus those who waltz in and place their order 2 weeks before the keycaps ship. We’re planning our orders to be large enough that keycaps should be available for the months (or longer) after a preorder ships. That’s it for now, but we’ll have a few very exciting announcements soon.
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Oct 17, 2020
Can't find anywhere that talks about the Carmillo MT3 set more than this and one other thread on Drop. Any sneak peaks? Who is the designer?
There is no designer. It's an Olivetti colorway.
Oct 11, 2020
Is everyone's package still in transit or is it just me?
Oct 7, 2020
I saw a few comments on here regarding changes to the ALT and CTRL PCBs. To add to them: please consider using south-facing LEDs as opposed to the current method of north-facing LEDs. I understand that some people like north-facing for better LED shine-through, but for the flagship keyboards to not support the community-favorite Cherry profile (used by GMK and ePBT keysets) is a bit frustrating seeing how good the keyboards are otherwise. And if you really want to knock the socks off of the community, support for 5-pin switches and screw-in stabilizers would be amazing.
Dec 19, 2020
I wish people would just approach switch manufacturers and pressure them to retool their housings to eliminate this issue. Then you get your GMK love, and all of us who need/love backlighting get to keep our north-facing LEDs!
Jan 6, 2021
You know it is muuuuuch harder to do just to release sounth facing pcb
Oct 4, 2020
Have drop figured the stabilisers on the alt, ctrl, entr and shift or those are still rattly?
They are still somewhat rattly because a thick grease is not added to the stabilizer plunger where the wire sits. That remains an optional user modification.
Oct 3, 2020
its 2020 (excluding rona aside) no one waits for shit anymore, cmon now. so gimme all that sig series stuff (lube caps etc) but for designer series......sit back and cash those checks.
Sep 30, 2020
thank you guys keep grinding i dont care about a delay your products are still amazing
Sep 29, 2020
Something to help EU peeps would be great
Sep 30, 2020
This! Please expand your MT3 tooling to support International or NorDe kits as well. Not to mention a simple 2u Shift key.
Sep 29, 2020
Finally a GUI configurator. Hope there's more options to save and customise the RGB, a way to do Macros and stuffs similar to Razer Synapse...and most importantly, you guys saw how QMK boards have VIA compatiblity. It might be a while before Drop Alt/CTRL gets Via support, but if you guys come close to offering similar functionality to VIA to bridge that will be great. Reprogramming on the fly is quite a norm now since VIA proved it was possible, rather than flashing the entire board which could be daunting.
Sep 29, 2020
Drop alt barebones in silver ISO please.
Sep 28, 2020
acrylic case for ALT would be awesome
Oct 3, 2020
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