Fedex Package Missing

Fedex tracking says my 6xx was dropped off at my front door yesterday. I checked and rechecked all around, nothing there. shipping address is correct...never had a knock on the door all day. Never had people steal package off of my front porch before. There is no deadline on delivery so I don't think Fedex driver would post delivery confirmation before he actually delivered item. Has this happened to anyone else here? Call fedex, they said only massdrop can make inquiries since they are the sender. Very irritating...

Jan 18, 2021
I can’t believe they used Fedex surepost for my product. At least give me the option to upgrade it. I mean a man pulling a three legged donkey is faster than Surepost. I’ve watched the tracking literally circle my state ... ridiculous. Looks like they DO have the option to upgrade. I went with Apple pay and that selection comes before the shipping page. I wonder if it just skipped by.
Nov 13, 2020
One week later, still no package from FedEx. Apart from creating support ticket, no further response from Drop. First time ordering here, really not impressed.
Hi @2020AudioPhile ! Thanks for flagging your issue! I'll be creating a support ticket to your Drop account's email. Please look out for my reply for further assistance!