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I have been itching to buy a pair of planar magnetic headphones for a while now and a good amp tp go with it.
I have finally saved up a good amount to be able to get it. I would like to hear some suggestions for both a good amp and some good planar headphones. Budget isn't really a problem but under 1500 for both. I listen mostly to psychedelic rock, prog rock and everything along those lines if that helps.
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Planars are not that demanding on amps. Some, namely the HE-6, need lots of power to get to a listenable volume, but once you get that volume, better amps will not change much. I recommend either the HE-560 or LCD-X with a Schiit Jotunheim with the DAC module. Skip the Multibit DAC, they are inferior to the normal DACs while also charging more.
If I had $1500... DAC/Amp: Topping DX7 (good price, good features, can go balanced if you'd like) ~ $350 Planars: Audeze LCD-X (get them on sale or used off EBay) ~ $1000 used off Ebay
If it were me, I'd go with Schiit Lyr + Schiit BiFrost to go with planar magnetics. You get the best of both worlds in a Lyr, tube and SS. It's a very sweet and powerful combo that does superlative justice to any planars out there. It's my go-to with the Audeeze planars. Which is a very nice line of your planar mags, btw.
Good Luck.
Get the Audio-GD NFB 11.28 and forget about everything else
Audeze Sine or Hifiman HE-500 combined with Centrance HiFi M8 or Chord Mojo. I own the Centrance M8 "mate", and it has a pretty powerful amp, like 1-2 watts.
And I have bought the HE 560 now so I need a good amp that can drive them all the way.
Good choice! Articulation and Sophistication. Careful handling the arms around the cups...they like to crack.
Should I split the cost of the amp to buy a dac as well or should I go for a "bigger" amp?
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There's many good ones. There's a whole chain going on the subject:
I like foobar but there are many who swear by Winamp or something different. There's many to choose from. Take a look at that discussion or go browse head-fi for more recommendations to try out.
Sweet! Now go get some HiRes.
I have a Gustard H10 solid state amp and Woo Audio WA3 tube amp. I like both and neither is outrageously priced (Lucky me, I did get the WA3 on Ebay at about 50% of list). I don't have any planar magnetic HPs, but I did join the ZMF Vibro heaphone drop, so I will be joining the club shortly. Based on HeadFi forum, the Gustard should do well.
I'd recommend the Lake People G 109 P unless you prefer tubes. On top of the HE-560, I would also take a look at the Oppo PM-1 and PM-2 headphones If you must have planar.
There's been a big splash in the industry recently surrounding the new Focal cans. One of them would fit nicely in your price range. They are not a PM driver though. Look into the Focal Elear for around $1k. If I could ever convince my significant other to let me spend the kind of money you're talking about, they'd be on their way to my house as soon as I could find them (sounds like that's been a bit challenging).
I'm not overly fond of planars because I find them to be too splashy and bright but the reviewers are claiming that the high end is still very good but more in line and less glaring on the Elears than on a similarly priced planar. Couple that with better bass extension and you can just say that I'm VERY interested in them.
I found a Lake People G 109 S for a fair price. Would that work just as well?
It should be capable of driving any planar that I know of well.
I'm not sure what you're comparing it to, so I can't say whether it will work just as well as it.