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DAC/AMP choice - please help

OK... I am going thru forums, reading and watching reviews for DAC/AMP combo for my pc and... seriously i do not know which one to choose. Here is my 'wish list'... maybe you can help... Main goal is to... like everybody i guess: listen to music / watch movies / gaming. Gaming is priority. I am not audiophile (sorry). But I do appreciate good sound quality. Wish List:
  • will not 'break the bank' - preferable under $200...
  • I would prefer it to have mic input but it is not a 'must' requirement.
  • I would prefer it to be 'external' device. Not a must though. Need controls on the desk though.
  • I would prefer it to work 'driverless'. So... hardware-based.
  • I would like it to have some kind of hardware equalizer.
  • I would like to be able to connect (computer) speakers and headphones the same time
  • it does not need to be 5.1/7.1 etc. I prefer good stereo over these systems.
Does anything like this exist? Closest to all checkmarks is Sennheiser GSX1000... i guess... not the newest technology though (unit is pretty old?)... Next one is Schiit Hel (no equalizer though). Looked at Schiit Magni + Modi (no mic, equalizer is another $100) Looked at Soundblaster G6 - it is dependable on drivers/software. Anything else out there? Help? Which one would you chose? Oh... and current headphones: 6XX, maybe I am going to upgrade in future...

Feb 2, 2021
I have heard pretty great things about the Fiio BTR5. It is a mobile Bluetooth amplifier that costs about 120€ (in Europe). It also has a bass switch on the device as well as an app with an Equalizer. I hope that helped.
Schiit Modi into Loki into Magni gets you everything but mic control/input, it is more than your budget at $347 before cables.
Jan 7, 2021
I was going to recommend the GSX 1000, very clean and no audible floor noise, you will need a headset splitter if you are using a headset with a mic. I've never used anything other than the 24bit 96khz (which disables 7.1/eq presets) It does limit your future upgrade path however so keep that in mind. I think I'll be getting rid of mine shortly, might help you keep the wallet looking firm.
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