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A little suggestion

I have to say, this all MSRP bull like the IE 80 is getting old, we all have the ability to compare prices and people are starting to get frustrated imho.
i can see why companies don't want to throw every product they have with big discounts to not damage the real MSRP of their products, and maybe there's more to it like pressure from the big guns not to let the prices drop heavily. maybe that's why we always seeing the same products over and over again, or why most polls with many votes is going nowhere, or things like that IE 80 "drop" when the product real cost these days is around 200~250 bucks and here it is suddenly a $450 MSRP product.
My advice to you guys is - because you already have everything in order, with this super nice website and discussion forums like no other, and an excellent shipping system, start selling products also without drops, just keep the prices fair and competitive and provide good AP service. and of course keep some truly legit drops like the TH-X00 or the K7XX or other product with some real discounts that you do have now and then. don't limit yourself most of the time only to drops, i know this thing is called massdrop, but it's becoming frustrating to see the almost always the same stuff over and over again.

See my post about MSRP in the IE80 thread... long story short:
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