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AMP questions (For use with PS4)

Amp needed for gaming set up?
So this is a bit of a weird question, because I do my gaming on a ps4 and I am looking for an amp or something to increase my audio as I know what I am getting out of the amp inside the controller isn't fully giving me everything for many headset/headphones. For instance I am using the Cougar Phontom and I know they can be killer but with the right set up and while it sounds OK as I have it I know it's not the best.
I know about the Astro mix amp, also the Mayflower Arc, but that may be overkill for trying to power 50$ headphones. Is there something in between I could get?

Those headphones have a built in mic right? If you run that through an amp you are probably going to loose the ability to use the mic. Also I see those headphones listed at 32 ohms impedance, so what you want is probably more of a DAC or amp/dac combo than just an amp.
It does indeed have a mic, however if push comes to shove I have other means of using a mic. I just saw that they actually make a dongle themselves (for the next headset up) but not sure if its just a USB DAC. I was looking online and have com across the sound blaster g1, soundblaster g5 as possible options?
First I would compare and contrast using an iphone or similar (they usually have decent DACs). If you notice a significant difference than probably look into Fiio. They usually have decent stuff at an ok price. Make sure everything is compatible with the PS4 first though.