Headphones and Amps?

I didn't get the memo that said all you were going to sell going forward are headphones, amps and accessories for those items. Is this all you have become Drop?

Apr 8, 2021
Yeah man, the leadership just decided it amps and keyboards. Bye to all the really well-designed qEDC, knives, watch collabs taht are sold out; I'm guessing no new products too. Whatever is on Drop's Amazon is all we'll ever get now. A Drop moderator said: Currently, only Drops existing inventory is available. As we approach Q2-Q3 we will be receiving and re-stocking a number of popular Drop Outdoor and EDC products on Amazon. Long-term, our goal is to keep consistent and stock of these products.
Right , I was here for the smaller edc/ watches. Now they lost my business.