May 28, 2018110 views

Best all-round headphone's at 200$? (Gaming, music, movies)

Price can be flexible. I mostly play FPS games and listen to music when I'm not gaming. Willing to buy a dac/amp or both.I want something that will immerse me into the game e.g. realistic gunshots, explosions, subtle rustling of leaves and so on.

Sounds like you'll want something with good presence to bring out the impact and sense of realism. If that's so, the HE400i's not a bad choice, and you can get it cheap around these days
Best doesn't exist, different strokes for different folks.
Best all-round woman at the age of ~ 20? (Cooking, smex, fooling around)
But i would say you can't go wrong with the HD 6XX: A lot of folks i know, like a Fidelio X2: So many options, maybe better to go to a local store and try personal.
What does hd6xx excel in that X2'a lack?(and vice versa)