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Amp/DAC for HD6XX

Which of the Amp would be a great pairing for the HD6XX. Im choosing between the CTH and Darckvoice 366SE, or any other other options around $200. This would also be my first amp and also do I need a DAC (will be playing from my computer's sound card) ?

My experience with some inexpensive, portable DAC/AMP combos with the HD6XX. You don't have to spend a lot to get really good sound, but it has to be the right pairing or just enough power / quality to suffice.
This is what you get with Cavalli's BEST: https://www.head-case.org/forums/topic/11304-cavalli-audio-liquid-lightning/
I'd choose the Darkvoice if I wasn't capable of building a Bottlehead Crack (which is $200).
I already joined the CTH but how does the LCX+sDAC compared with with the CTH. The LCX+sDAC seemed more versatile but how different are the sound signature?
Im too late for the darkvoice now so my only option is the CTH, would it be wise to buy the CTH+DAC or should I buy CTH plus another external DAC for versatility ?
I would get through CTH and a standalone DAC like the JDS Labs OL DAC or Topping D30. It gives you more flexibility going forward.
If I recall correctly the DAC in the CTH+DAC unit only works with the CTH it cannot be used as a DAC for any other amp.
If the CTH+DAC cannot be used as a DAC then I would probably get a seperate DAC. Thanks alot mindhead
Get the Darkvoice now unless it's gone already.
If you don’t already have a good solid state amp, I would go with the CTH. I have a DarkVoice and love it. But I don’t think it’s ideal as a first and only amp. Like an exotic car shouldn’t be your only vehicle.
As far DAC it depends on how good the output fro your computer is. That said, if you are starting to get into high end audio picking up a DAC is a good idea In the long run.
Those are very good headphones and as a result a DAC may well be in the cards. It depends on how good your computers sound card is, but the vast majority of them (whatever came with the motherboard) are going to be a limiting factor when paired with those particular headphones.
Thanks for the input, I might pick up the AKG k4xx or HD800 after but if Im happy with the HD6XX along with the Darkvoice then I might not consider another headphone (or so I think). Now Im leaning toward the Darkvoice.
I personally think the CTH is more versatile and would be my choice of the two options you've presented. I can't speak to them qualitatively as I've not had time with either device. If you think you will go further down this rabbit hole of a hobby I think the CTH will serve you better. The OTL nature of the Darkvoice means it will best be suited to 150 ohm and up headphones. If you are sure you won't pick up other headphones and you want an all tube setup then go with the Darkvoice.