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You know, this just isn't that hard

A few simple an undisputable facts: (1) most people who type for a living prefer a mechanical keyboard; (2) most professional typists prefer the feel of a Cherry Blue switch because it best simulates the IBM Selectric keyboard that we grew up with. Fine, I am dating myself, but I also referring to the pinnacle of keyboards; (3) we want and need backlighting because we often type late into the night and need a subdued atmosphere. We don't need or want RGB lighting with racing colors or different colors for every key. A simple white or blue will suffice; (3) a keystroke is what 5 bits of data? We are not playing silly games on our keyboards, but we desire the convenience of a keyboard untethered from our computers. If you cut out the meaningless shit, 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.0 have more than adequate bandwidth; (5) we are legion. We are everywhere, and in countless numbers. Give us a product that meets our needs and we will pay manifold its value. But no, you keep dropping shit on us and tell us to live with it. A pox on all of you. I am going back to clay tablets.
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