Drop's pricing. For e.g. FIIO FH5S IEM

Is there an explanation on Drop's pricing? Perhaps Drop's agreements with companies and the timing required to secure costs and delivery misses the reality of other places to purchase items? It is not uncommon to find items for the same price, sometimes lower, and shipping generally faster than Drop. (BTW, I've purchased a number of items via Drop.) I've been reading reviews and interested in the FIIO FH5S IEM. However, they are presently $249 on Amazon Prime with 2 day delivery so that's $26.00 cheaper than Drop plus you get in 2 days compared to several weeks. https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-Driver-Earphones-High-Purity-Swappable/dp/B0936YBQY6 Does it seem that Drop is not so much about discounted purchasing with larger orders? Or maybe consumers need to consider Drop is no longer interested in discounts?
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