An annoyance with the website code.
For the webmaster of Massdrop: Have you noticed how impossible it is to actually scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links there? Just as you are about to click on the "Help Center" link suddenly the next batch of topics loads in the main body and the bottom of the page scrolls off-screen again. It is like herding cats. You really have to want to do it, and spend some time figuring out the timing required.
Yes, it is all duplicated on the top of the page, hidden on a drop-down. I bet more than one person has gotten frustrated though. There ought to be a way to clean that.
ps: Adding directions in the help center for creating an Android Massdrop "app" by using the "Add to Home Screen" option would be good too.
thumb_upTyler and Duncan

Jun 22, 2018
I see you, BF_Hammer. I believe I've mentioned this at some point as well. Noting your feedback, and to your other point it's much easier to use the drop down. Perhaps we need to make that more prominent on top of re-jiggering the bottom of the page stickiness.
Jun 22, 2018