Jun 27, 2018

ANC headphones

I'm looking for some ANC headphones becouse i trvel a lot by plane, boat and bus. I mostly listen to rap and some rock/punk. If you have any excperiance or recomendations i whould apprechiate it a lot.

I use the Sony 1000X and can wholeheartedly recommend them. My music library is fairly diverse and I don't have an issue with any genre on the Sony. I never took to the Bose sound but their ANC is definitely top notch. If you can take advantage of the aptX HD or LDAC on the Sony 1000XM2 (have a source that outputs those codecs) then I feel it's a no-brainer over the Bose pairs.
The rec for the Sony WH1000XM2 and QC 35 are good. I'd add the Bose QC25, which has the same caliber of noise cancelling. On the other hand, given your musical tastes, you might want to look at the Senn HD1 wireless over ear (aka, Momentum 2.0). The noise cancelling is a notch below the ones above, but still quite good. The trade-off is better sound quality, great bass, and very nice looks.
Thanks a lot ;)
If I were to buy a new anc set for travel, I would get the Sony WH1000XM2's, over the Bose 35's, both are very good.