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Woo'ing me

Truly Fireflies


Woo Audio is overrated and overpriced as hell. They can screw up a decent circuit, I'll give them that much (WES).
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The irony doesn't cease. Regarding Mcintosh, I could be wrong about them, but they don't specify what class any of their amps are. Research suggests they are class AB however, with very little class A power output.
That 15 years just took away your ability to make meaningful arguments. All you've said is "look at this video" and keep pointing to a rack, even though again the most basic of engineers know that it makes no actual difference (same for $5,000 interconnects). So you don't even refute your complete lack of engineering knowledge. Pro tip: buying expensive things all the time doesn't make you knowledgeable.
Display technology is another area where my knowledge most likely completely outclasses yours. OLED TVs are easily affordable, under $2,000 for a 55" LG C8 if you know when to buy. Burn-in is still a potential problem for them as it has been proven, but aside from that and maximum brightness levels (for outdoor viewing) it outclasses LCD in every single way. I'm personally waiting for one with HDMI 2.1 so that it can do 4k 120 Hz. MicroLED will likely wipe OLED tech out anyway, since it's going to have the same picture quality and responsiveness but more reliability, be cheaper to make, and have more brightness (not that more brightness is really necessary but it is a selling point).
More irony: it is the millennials that voted against Trump, while the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters come from previous generations. Jaded people such as yourself.
You keep referring to "people who actually know a thing or two" about "audio stuff" yet all you can refer to is class A vs class D. There isn't even an argument here, just you saying "watch this video." So that's really all you have, and it speaks for itself. Have you ever even built a DAC/preamp/amp DIY project in your life?
I digress and bow down to the all knowing audiophile! 👍👍👍👍. What an honour to be able to have you comment on my thread!