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Gaming Community?

I think it would be a cool idea to make a Gaming Community where you could possibly get price drops on video games, and then merge some of items from the Tech Community into gaming as a lot of the tech is video gaming accessories. Thoughts?
edit: Also, products of games, such as posters and other merchandise. I know there is the "Hobby Shop" Community, but it is mostly revolving around card games, where as what I am suggesting would be revolved around video games.
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It'd be also really neat if the gaming community could be a place for indie developers to offer physical copies of their games, with manuals and other such little bonuses... Think old-school big box editions of games, like Quake, but for modern titles.
Oh no! I hope things get better for you soon.
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Edited. Didn't realize there were children on here... aside from us fully-grown children, of course.
You never know. Would rather exclude a word than possibly get banned haha.
Even if massdrop isn't doing drops on the games themselves, it would make sense to put a lot of the gaming stuff together since it spans several communities right now
Yeah, I think it would be a nice idea.
Oh--Awesome! Then maybe we could establish a corresponding Community of parents desperately trying get their thirty-something kids to stop playing video games and move the hell out of their basements.
That Parents Community might feature drops on luggage, packing supplies (you know, boxes and tape), and post helpful links to change-of-address forms at the Post Office, and maybe tips on how to establish accounts with the local utilities?
Judging from the popularity of the "Hobbies" and "Mechanical Keyboard" drops I see on MD, I'm guessing there are LOTS of like-minded parents out there hoping to finally become empty-nesters as soon as possible!
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Oh no! I hope things get better for you soon. (copy pasted because I screwed up and replied to OP by accident)
Not to worry about me--I assume I'm paying for the sins of a prior life (I must have really screwed up somewhere along the line)--but you know, like they say: you have to take things one life at a time!