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The best audiophile track of the month

I want start this post to share with the MD audiophile community music taste and performance both from our staff and from artist.
For me this month best audiophile track is "Unsuffer Me" from the LP "Vanished Garden" played by Charles Lloyd & The Marvels with Lucinda Williams, streamed as Master from Tidal on my Laptop MSI with Realteak card set at 24/96, amplified with Schiit Asgard V1 headphone amplifier and with Massdrop Hifiman 4xx with a postmarket cable ( 4 cores OCC Silver Plated Headphone Cable for Hifiman HE1000 HE400S He400i HE-X ); 64 audio U6; Angie CIEM.
A beautiful performance very complex and musically intriguing that need a very musical stuff. In fact, both 64 audio and Hifiman resulted too monitor, with controlled bass and crispy voice. Angie was perfect with Lucinda voice emotional and vibrant and bass round and resonant. Saxophone insert and drum well integrated and speedy. Class A Schiit made a great work with Angie and Hifiman very power angry headphones.
Well I started, now please tell me your favorite track of June-July 2018.

Jul 24, 2018
Well, since you said June & July, I'm going to include one for each since I can't pick just one :).
June: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda (a cover of the song by the marvelous Nina Simone). Love his vocals and the band just playing their hearts out. I like this energetic take on the song compared to the more slow, sad, and somber original. Of the many, many covers, this is probably my favorite.

July: Raphael Saadiq and Rob Bacon doing a NPR Music Tiny Desk concert. I cannot tell you how many times I have started my workday with this video. Watching these two guys play guitar and sing is just a pure treat. Especially considering how long their music careers span and how little people talk about them. Raphael just has amazing vocal chops and an aura about him that pulls you in.
Jul 24, 2018
jaydunndidditI'm happy to know new tracks and new artists. In my post, however, I was interested to know also the stuff used to hear the preferred Track. Anyway, i loved too much the original version of Nina Simone " Let Me Be Misunderstood " and also the other different version that Nina Simone performed during the time to appreciate this bolero version.
Jul 24, 2018
RocfortGear used are my Focal Elex and Shure 846 (at work) paired with my MCTH and iFi iDSD BL. I usually listen via Tidal or with my own ripped FLACs. For these artists, it was the latter as I've owned their music for years on CD.
And I can somewhat see your point on Nina. I love her version as well but a cover is just the purest form of flattery for an artists. Especially considering the song has been covered over 20 times. Wild as everyone always wants to attribute the song to The Animals not giving Nina the credit she deserves.
Jul 23, 2018
Took a while to find a copy of that on Youtube but I finally did... Interesting track, quite long and very improv feeling (with a whole lotta stuff going on in that right channel).

Also came a cross a write up of the album on the Blue Note site for anyone interested in the details:
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