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No Women's Clothing or Women's Accessories?

Please either create these categories or combine men's and women's into one category as right now you're essentially excluding a large potential customer base. Thanks!

Mar 9, 2019
I would want a Women's Beauty & Fashion Community, simply as a way to single out the items that are for women into one place. Right now I have to sub to Men's Accessories, Men's Fasion, Ultralight, Outdoors, and I think a few other's just to catch all the women's items. The problem for me is that I could care less about 90 of the items in men's fashion, and Ultralight. I don't really need to buy more camping gear, but that's where some of women's clothing end up - I'm looking at you Icebreaker. My emails are 99% irrelevant most of the time, so it's a big waste for me to skim through an email full of stuff I have ZERO interest in. But then you look at the men's side, and something like Vibram shoes are still in Ultralight, and...well... I'd personally think those would be in Men's Apparel, not in Ultralight, so I guess there's just something screwy about the whole community system altogether. Why can't Items be in more than one community?
Sep 1, 2018
Yeah but buying clothes online is unreliable, you have to physically go to the shop and try the dress on, and massdrop knows that. If they sold dresses and girly stuff they would have to be prepared for lots of returns/unhappy customers.
Aug 27, 2018
I have had females admit to me that this site is for males and they would have more interest if categories such as these existed. I agree with you.
Aug 12, 2018
I second this. I love your website except it is inherently exclusionary for my gender.
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