The Drop Progress Bar

As many of you may have noticed, the drop progress bar has recently undergone some changes.
It is still there, and in case you haven't seen it for a while, it gives you a complete picture (literally) of the drop's status at a glance:
however, once the conditions for minimum price are met, or for drops that have no such conditions the bar vanishes.
Furthermore, while the bar is present it says (red arrow)
### ever sold
when the bar vanishes this becomes
### sold
for the same number.
It gets more confusing when you look at the card for the drop
Here you can still see the simplified progress bar and the number of purchases for the current run.
When these changes first appeared it was a bit jarring, but I figured I'd get used them. It's been a while now and I still find it annoying.
I appreciate what the web designers at MD are doing and I have nothing but respect for them. Clearly the idea is to simplify and reduce clutter. However, in this case, less is less. The progress bar is a great at-a-glance info tool. You instantly know where things are at.
Also it's a Massdrop thing. Dont' hide it. I mean, what's wrong with this:
Everything at a glance, and if its a limited-quantity drop you can show how much is left too.

Anyway, this is my, clearly biased, opinion. What do you guys think?
Do you miss the status bar too?
Didn't even notice that it's gone?

Nov 8, 2018
I would also like to request the status bar be returned as it provided a great resource to see what the best deal on a drop could be and how many people it took to get there at a glance. It was also helpful to see how many commits vs. outright buys there were to give a better idea on if the drop was going to be successful. I believe the issue with new user confusion could be solved with a simple quick & forced guided tour of how Massdrop works upon sign-up that explains the difference between a commit and “purchase/Join Drop” and how to read the bar. I know that would’ve been helpful when I first joined, but at the same time was also able to just figure it out by the short explanation you guys provided in the button for commit at the lowest price.   Thanks, -Sharks
Sep 30, 2018
I have another question regarding the page changes. Does anyone else have problems with the drop down boxes. I am unable to change the option under the “RECOMMENDED” drop down selections. The drop down hides behind the information page. So he information is hidden and I am unable to change the order of the drops..... see image
Not a big deal... just annoying.
Oct 7, 2018
Ummmm... nope. No new iPad for me.... I was fortunate enough to recieve my iPad and lap top as gifts last year. If either went belly up, I’d seriously have to debate replacing them out of my pocket..... that’s good pen money - 😂🤣😂🤣
You bet your iPad it is.
Sep 26, 2018
I also noticed that they've stopped doing price breaks with increased numbers of purchasers. It used to be once you got X number of people, the drop would lower in price by a few dollars... now it's just one flat price (which I've noticed has gone up for some drops that have been run before).
Massdrop has, quite literally, LOWERED THE BAR. It's catering to people who can't read their way through a drop carefully enough to grasp what The Bar is telling them. I personally LOVE The Bar.
Maybe, in the interest of offering Productive Input,(instead of Mere Snark); How about you make it a Hide-able Feature. Like, a little on a button labeled, "Progress Bar", opens the Progress Bar on the page. You could have the default be HIDDEN Progress Bar, then those who like the Progress Bar could click the button and VOILA! Progress Bar Visible again! Is that possible? That would be way cooler than No Bar At All.
The Drop status bar was great, and I missed it when it was removed. Even understanding the changes and knowing what engendered them, I still don't find the other methods as they stand help as much as having the bar. It will be interesting to see what changes you come up with in order to get around the deficiencies we are currently experiencing, but there are definitely growing pains experienced in the meantime.
Aug 13, 2018
I miss the old status bar. I haven’t figured out the new status counter... Actually, I passed on some drops because I didn’t understand it. I think I purchased one that said what the price was and had no clue if there was or wasn’t a minimum that needed to be met. I appreciate your explanation, but yes, I miss the old one.
Aug 13, 2018
Theroc - completely hear you. The drop progress bar is a helpful tool for understanding the state of a drop at a quick glance. And I like that you're brainstorming because there are certainly other ways we can address this.
The intent of the simplification / removal is because new users have a difficult time understanding what the drop progress bar is and we've found that their retention and cognition improves when we remove some of the complexity required to understand our site.
The Drop Card's Purchased count will be updated soon to reflect that which appears on the Drop Page - that's also a great catch.
I get it....
....but maybe they just need to take their Adderall before shopping.
I don't EVEN know how anybody manages Amazon or eBay within this logic set.
I loved the status bar! Bring it back por favor