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Current rig

Cans are Mr Speakers Mad Dogs, HD-6XXs, HE-4XXs.
Amp is a Schiit Vali 2 running either a 6SN7 or 6F8G (pictured). This one is a National Union round plate (I've already bought several times as many tubes as I originally thought I would when I got the amp - eBay's almost as dangerous as Massdrop is).
Turntable is my resurrected Technics SL-1300 with a Frankenstein'ed Nagaoka cartridge (MP-110 body, MP-200 stylus). It feeds a Schiit Mani phono pre. This and a DragonFly Black are hooked up to a Yamaha RX-V671 AV receiver, with a line out going to the Vali 2 (so I'm using the receiver as an input switch for the Vali 2 as well as driving speakers).
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