When did this site change?

I haven't been here in a long while but it seems to be all tech stuff. I joined years ago when it was a fledgling site 'MassDrop'. I was big into outdoor gear and got my friends & family on board also. Now it's all keyboards and techy stuff? Where's the outdoor equipment?!

Nov 15, 2021
Interesting. I turned off notifications for this site about a year ago as everything they posted that was of interest to me ended up being pretty easy to find elsewhere ... at the same or lower price with prompt delivery rather than waiting for the drop to make/close. As that may be, got a piece of Drop spam that slipped through shilling gift cards so I figured I'd swing by and see if anything changed. Indeed it has, with most those changes further limiting the utility of what used to be a great source of gear. As that may be, fare thee well, Massdrop. I'm clearly not missing anything these days.
Oct 23, 2021
Don't tell me they cant restructure it the way it was. All the things they were mass-buying before are still selling on other sites like Amazon, Backcountry Gear, Moosejaw, etc
Oct 20, 2021
When??? Hell they were still making Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs when they admitted this site to the ER. It's been on life-support for more than a year--staff has been cut to damn near zero, everyone who could find another job left months and months ago. Send flowers--the prognosis ain't rosy.
Oct 18, 2021
Hey man, I just copy-paste this answer to everyone asking the same question. Sorry to say but Drop just decided in mid-March that it's going to be all about headphones and keyboards. Bye to all the really well-designed EDC, knives, watch, and other collabs that are sold out; I'm guessing no new products too. Whatever is on Drop's Amazon is all we'll ever get now (no Drop watch collabs tho 🙁 ) A Drop moderator said: Currently, only Drops existing inventory is available. As we approach Q2-Q3 we will be receiving and re-stocking a number of popular Drop Outdoor and EDC products on Amazon. Long-term, our goal is to keep consistent and stock of these products. Sadly, a number of their products are sold out on Amazon :/ Here's a link to the Dan Durston pack on Amazon, click the "Visit the DROP store link" above the item's name.
Oct 21, 2021
Yeah man, what a waste. Drop used to have a vibrant community of enthusiasts buying everything from belts to watches but I guess that wasn't working for them anymore. It's best grab what you can from their Amazon before they're gone for good.
Oct 23, 2021
yes, vibrant community indeed. It's a shame.