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Ajazz AK510 Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Ajazz AK510 Retro Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Ajazz AK510 looks and sounds like a mechanical keyboard from the ‘80s—which makes sense, as Ajazz has been specializing in such keyboards for years. Built on a fullsize layout, the keyboard has a full set of arrows, a numpad, and function keys Read More

Jun 6, 2021
hello if anyone could help me that would be great ! i have recently bought this keyboard and it works great for a short amount of time before it just stops working - she lights and everything else work except i can't type on it and it doesn't register the buttons im pressing ? i have to re plug it in a few times to get it to work again ? any help or how to fix this issue would be great!
Dec 26, 2019
is there any way to change the rgb setup like drivers or anything i cant seem to find them
Mar 16, 2019
£17.18 customs charge what the hell is this
Jan 21, 2019
Does anyone know of a mouse that would match this? It's not too easy to find a modern one in beige.
Jan 24, 2019
miketriThe mx master in white might match it
Nov 29, 2020
miketricherry m5400
Jan 1, 2019
Actually excited about getting this cheap-arse keyboard, go figure.
Dec 31, 2018
Oddly enough this is the FIRST item I have bought for this year (about an hour earlier than my Panda Switches Order). Hope it lives up to it's $59.99USD price tag ;- )
Dec 31, 2018
I can say that having bought and used a Ajazz AK33 for $40 off amazon as my daily driver for nearly a year, this will be well worth the money. Once I got my Ajazz I couldn't bear to touch my old razer bw ultimate ever again and donated it to goodwill...however, the black zorro switches, (I'm otherwise a huge fan of linears, lubed Tealios obsessed), left much to be desired and were pretty scratchy. Such a shame there isn't an option to order this without switches!! Huge bummer. I've since bought a new board, but saving my ak33 to desolder and replace the switches as a rainy day project. For the price, someone could easily buy this with the intent to replace the switches for a massive upgrade, and be way under cost for what a similar kit would cost. Go for it! Overall though, this would be a good gift for someone looking to get into mechs, or for someone with a tighter budget. It is a GREAT value for the price. And honestly, I would easily purchase another Ajazz board before going back to razer or any of the crap mainstream companies running the market right now. The build quality, keycaps, and overall feel of these boards is so much better. Don't be turned off that this is a Chinese company--you can easily use youtube to find a guide to all of the shortcuts and functions of the software. I never had to install anything to get the full use of the RBG features of the ajazz, and I'm assuming it could be the same case for this one (although this board is LED and not RBG). Sorry if this is long winded, but maybe it could offer some insight to someone.
Dec 31, 2018
Can someone guide me on these switches? Which one equals to which cherry one in sound? Thank you
Dec 30, 2018
No mention if this keyboard has a Metal Plate behind the switches here? Please can the organizers let us all know if this keyboard comes with a Metal Plate because if this keyboard arrives at my address without a metal plate, then I shall have to twist it into bits and pieces with my bare hands and dispose of it very quickly - minus the key-caps ; )
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