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Sep 6, 2018
For those of you asking what formats, bit-depths, sample rates, etc. this supports, note that the Allo BOSS DAC is based on the Texas Instruments PCM5122 DAC chip. The datasheet tells all: The datasheet makes no mention at all of DSD. I don't think native DSD decoding is available from this DAC.
Regarding the BOSS DAC: This is a great sounding DAC HAT, regardless of the cost. What you save in $$ you may wind up spending in configuration and troubleshooting time. But it's worth it. A player based on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ equipped with this DAC can make a really, really good sounding digital player for little money.
I have an older version of this DAC in a Raspberry Pi 3 (no B). It sounds really good. I've had it over a year and I like it a whole lot.
I also have one of this new version 1.2 BOSS DAC, but it doesn't play nice with the onboard WiFi adapter in my older RPi3. I can tell you the new V1.2 BOSS sounds just noticeably better than the older version. Not night-and-day, but noticeable nonetheless.
Highly recommended if you have more time and patience than money.
Sep 6, 2018
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