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Angry Miao Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest

Angry Miao Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest

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Product Description
A good wrist rest accomplishes two things: it raises your wrists to a comfortable angle for typing or mouse movements, and it reduces pressure friction points on your wrists from your desk’s hard surface. The Angry Miao Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest accomplishes both of these benefits in truly unique fashion Read More

Customer Reviews

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83% would recommend to a friend
Nov 1, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
comfy, opposable, rad, but very tall. should come as a pair.
When I initially saw them I thought they'd be springy but just up-n-down springy. They're actually stabilised by a rubber harness attached to the base. This flexibility means they tilt freely, in all directions, so it's great if you want to tilt your wrists in ergonomic fashions. ie. wrists on the outside to give an ergo keyboard style tilt, wrists on the near side more like palm rests, tilting up towards the keyboard, etc, full range of motion. Initially I'd bought 2 of these for a split keyboard build I plan on doing, which would've been quite low profile. My current keyboard is also low profile, and I used a long flat keychron wristrest that essentially matches the high of the keycaps flat, and has great ergonomics. These however are much taller, especially as I don't compress them, i tend to let them tilt for themselves, so they can definitely put your arms at awkward angles when using low profile keyboards. I might even have to reconsider my build. I haven't used the recommended replacement rubber feet, for anti-slip so I can't comment on them. I quite enjoy the freedom of moving them around, and even stripped the rubber feet off of my old wristrest to allow it to slide freely with my wrists. I tend to adjust keyboard position alot, so slidey wristrests are a positive. Just remember to peel the protective film off the teflon feet first, if you plan to use them (took me at least a week to realise it was there, it's very not obvious) The teflon feet aren't super slick, especially when under pressure, but they do give when you need them to. The only setback of having them slide freely, is that sometimes especially while focusing, my wrist my drift and I'll end up at an odd, very-not-ergonomic angle, which i'll only notice when it starts to get sore. The fabric over the padding is a bit rough and synthetic, and not the most comfortable, especially when warm/sweaty, but it's manageable. bonus point, I like playing with them in meetings; the base magnets repelling eachother is fun. they work fantastically as a pair, which makes it quite an odd decision to sell them separately, but I suppose it gives you the freedom to buy just one if you only want one for wasd-ing etc. but I would highly recommend the pair, fantastic choice for split keyboards.
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checkVerified Buyer
Very good product
I like it very much. It’s a quality product and gives a very good touch
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These saved my wrists!
It may sound like an exaggeration but these wrist tests are life savers once you get used to them. At first it is a little awkward having them move with your hand but once it becomes second nature you’ll be having a comfortable typing experience. Highly recommended!
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Aug 29, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Looks cool; works fine
I love magnets, it’s kind of a theme in my desk decor. So, for me, these were perfect. The magnetic repulsion makes for a very smooth springy suspension feeling. The default feet on the base are slick plastic for easily sliding them around, and if you want them to stay put, they come with adhesive rubber feet you can attach yourself. But I’d personally recommend letting them slide. They seem to work best when used like you might use carpios or other similar palm rests with which you keep your wrists at rest on the pad and slide it with your palm between keyboard/mouse. There’s a small hard dome on the bottom of the pad that causes the pad to slant about 15-20 degrees and roll around the base (think a top rolling around on its side) when you bottom out the magnetic repulsion. This creates a good slant when typing and good leverage when pushing side to side. So, pretty cool. That said, the instability can be a nuisance until you get settled and they suffer from the same downfall as a carpio or similar: once you’ve taken your hands away, putting them back in the right place costs just the slightest bit of attention and effort that a normal wrist rest doesn’t require. Unlike the carpios however, they don’t demand a perfect placement to feel comfortable. They also consequently aren’t quite as ergonomic and can cause noticeable pressure points. Slight, but noticeable. Final verdict: if you like the look, go for it, but it’s a bit form over function.
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Sep 8, 2023
bartlescrivneri was wondering if they are similar to carpios and you answered my question. I like the carpios but wanted something less form fitting
Aug 28, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Neat, but not perfect
i got two. I use one on my mouse wrist and I enjoy it for a tented keyboard a lot. I have cnano and an older kinesis with tenting i moved my old cushioned rests to my chair arm for my elbows; compensates for the high profile of the hover. I recommend them if you like a dynamic fluid moving solid object vs a static plush. maybe a nice gel or even wool, hover cover, would be keen. Currently I am traveling with one to office to compare wear. tldr: good for wrist mousers or tented keyboard enjoyers, tho i wish it had a removable cover, and it’s tall btw
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Siderealistthank you for this review, Vishnu! now you have become geek, destroyer of keebs.
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It’s hard to describe…
I tried these as a softer alternative to my UHK wooden rests. I appreciate more cushioning, but the sensation of a “floating” rest that shifts as you type is very odd. We’ll see if I use these long term. These come with teflon feet installed, but I recommend the included silicone ones to keep them from flying around. I wouldn’t recommend these as any sort of mouse wrist rest given that they’re too high and not height adjustable.

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