BendPak HD-9 Four Post Car Lifts
BendPak HD-9 Four Post Car Lifts
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**Description** This is a group but for the bendpak HD-9 car lift. The space-saving design of the 9,000-lb capacity HD-9 is ideal for vehicle storage in residential garages or commercial buildings Read More

**Description** This is a group but for the bendpak HD-9 car lift. The space-saving design of the 9,000-lb capacity HD-9 is ideal for vehicle storage in residential garages or commercial buildings. It also doubles as a great service lift for smaller shops who still want to do big business. No special foundation is required and the installation is a cinch. Here are some useful comparisons from Bendpak to show you how high quality this unit really is: * [A study in lift design]( * [Direct Lift vs. BendPak]( ![]( **Features** * Dependable design - 4 heavy-duty, high-quality, stainless steel lifting cables and a single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath the runway makes this lift the most durable, maintenance-free lifting system on the market. * Dual-hub cable sheaves - Reduce stress and fatigue on the axles, sheaves and cables. We insist on using dual-hub cable sheaves, even if they cost us more to make. When you buy BendPak, we throw in peace of mind as a free gift. * Multi-level locking positions - The HD-9 is equipped with multiple adjustable height locking positions for variable-height parking. A convenient push-button pneumatic safety lock control releases all four independent safety locks simultaneously. * Heavy-duty aircraft cable - Each lift is supplied with 4 high-quality stainless steel lifting cables, rated at 14,400 lbs. each. The combined rating of these cables is 640% of the maximum lifting capacity of the entire lift! And we make sure it looks tidy too—all lifting cables are fully enclosed within the lift structure itself. * Electric / hydraulic power system - We incorporate maintenance-free electric hydraulic power systems into each lift for ultimate dependability, and all controls are conveniently located within close reach. * Large base plates - 10" x 12" base plates provide a solid foundation for the HD-9. * Single hydraulic cylinder - Each lift is equipped with a single hydraulic cylinder, hidden away under the runway for minimum exposure and maximum reliable performance. Our industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders feature a single-piece, pilot fitted, machined steel piston, wrapped with specially designed, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands to virtually eliminate fluid bypass. The micro-smooth chrome-rod is machined from high-yield, ground and polished C-1045/50 micro-alloy steel and plated to a minimum of .001" diametrically, to ensure superior cylinder operation and life. The superior-design high durometer, mechanically-loaded rod seals make rod leakage is a thing of the past while a specially formulated abrasion-resistant urethane rod wiper provides exclusion protection. The welded cylinder body is made from robust steel tubing produced to exceed ASTM specifications. This combination of superb base material and superior processing ensures that the cylinders remain straight, smooth and last a very long time. An integrated flow restrictor provides a controlled descent in the case of an unexpected hose rupture. ![]( * Durable powder-coat finish - All HD-Series lifts feature a durable powder-coat finish that gives the metal a high-quality, extremely durable finish which can withstand even the harshest environmental or chemical conditions. Unlike other companies that claim to powder coat, we take pride in our meticulous 10-step process. * Integrated design - Lifting cables, airlines, safety latches and sheaves are all fully enclosed. * Longer approach ramps - These approach ramps were designed a little longer to help when loading low ground clearance vehicles. It's the little bit that makes a big difference. * Automatic safety locks - Aircraft-quality stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders release all 4 locks simultaneously with the simple push of a button. The spring-loaded safety locks automatically engage continuously as the lift is raised. For added safety, a secondary lock system acts as a slack-cable device to engage in the unlikely event of cable failure. ![]( **Specification** * Lifting capacity: 9,000 lbs. * Overall width: 117" * Overall length: 200" * Height of columns: 88" * Max rise: 70" * Length of runways: 164" * Motor: 220 VAC / 1 Ph ![]( **Group Buy Details** To sign up for this group buy, just click 'Buy It' and complete the transaction. As more people sign up, the price for this grill will drop. Don't worry though! As the price drops, you'll automatically be refunded the difference as soon as the group buy is over. No matter what, you'll pay the final, lowest level price for this item. After the timer reaches zero, MassDrop will place the order with the supplier. As soon as the order reaches the United States, MassDrop will handle the fulfillment and will ship the units to your address within 24 hours. You'll receive email updates with important details along the way including shipping status updates and tracking numbers. The more people that sign up, the cheaper it gets for everybody. Post this on other forums, share on Facebook, Twitter. Tell the world! You can email us at [][] any time with any questions that you have. []: **Shipping Information** The Bendpak HD-9 is too large to be shipped by air or truck. The lifts will be shipped via freight to the freight depot nearest you where they can be picked up. *Delivery to your nearest freight location is $50 within the CONUS and we can arrange residential delivery for an additional $50 (total of $100 shipped to your door)*. For residential delivery, you must have the means to offload it from the flatbed truck used to deliver these units. Generally about 60% of people who purchase these jacks decide to pay for professional installation. We have access to a network of professional installation services across the nation so if you're interested we can put you in contact with a trusted installation service near you. When the jacks are shipped we will send you all tracking numbers so that you can pass that information on to the installation service or book the necessary equipment to ensure residential offload goes well.


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