The Cornerstone of Any Compact Board

Building a portable keyboard? Start things off right with the BM60 PCB. A cutting-edge hub for your board’s electronics, the BM60 is fully programmable with support for QMK, VIA, and an offline flash app for more customization. Create your very own custom lightshows with full RGB switch LEDs, plus six RGB underglow LEDs—and install switches with ease, thanks to hot-swappable, south-facing sockets with MX stem support. Outfitted with a USB-C port for fast and stable connectivity, the BM60 is ready right out of the box, as all components have been pre-soldered with precision and accuracy. Choose from one of four layouts at checkout, and set the foundation for your next compact keyboard.

Note: At checkout, choose from four layouts: Standard ANSI (base price), 60% with arrow keys (+ $2), 60% with arrow keys (ISO) (+ $2), and 60% with arrow keys and a rotary encoder (+ $4).

BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB
BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB
BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB
BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB
BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB
BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB
BM60 60% Hot-Swappable RGB PCB

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Layout Diagram


  • BM
  • Supports offline flash app
  • Fully programmable PCB (QMK and VIA supported)
  • Hot-swappable, north facing sockets
  • Full RGB switch LEDs (with LED effect support)
  • 6 bottom RGB underglow leds (pre-soldered)
  • MX Stem support
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • All components of the board have been pre-soldered 


Estimated ship date is Nov 12, 2021 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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BM60 Board, Mojo 60 Case, NK_ Sherbet switches, and MT3 Susuwatari keycaps
bm60ec, kbdfans 5°, sa dolch
Bm60enc, cf plate, durock v1 stabs, holy clear pandas
Bit of a struggle, but we got there.
The Dragonfruits are happy!
works pretty great with a walnut case
Pretty nice
Loving this board!
BM60 ISO with stabilizers
Work in progress
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