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B.O.B Handcraft Yasha Artisan Keycap

B.O.B Handcraft Yasha Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Legend has it that the Yasha were an ancient class of spirits who presided over subterranean treasures. Before they were assimilated into Japanese culture, however, they were also seen as man-eating demons and devils—the kind you see depicted here in six different styles Read More

Chief Product Officer
Aug 21, 2020
Hey Everyone,    BOB worked with someone named MEMEDA to create the CAD/3D Model for this keycap (and others). As part of their working arrangement, MEMEDA managed sales of the keycaps to some distributors. BOB sculpts one key, models it, and molds the rest.    BOB and MEMEDA broke up without a formal agreement covering design ownership. BOB feels like BOB owns it, MEMEDA feels like MEMEDA owns it, this is a conflict between BOB and MEMEDA.   As for these keycaps, they were made the same as every other BOB Yasha, then MEMEDA sold them to a distributor. For the distributor, this is business as usual, MEMEDA was always the point of contact for sales, so the distributor proceeds as normal, then sells them to DROP.    We have contracts with our distribution partners that require all sales of designer work to carry approval from the design owner. We’ve been working with this distributor for a long time, they get a lot of business from DROP, so our contract is very important to them and they operate within the terms.     In summary, MEMEDA sells the keys to the distributor, BOB doesn’t know MEMEDA is still selling the caps, the distributor doesn’t know that MEMEDA is selling the caps without BOB, so BOB sees the listing on DROP, accuses us of stealing/whatever. BOB has since removed those accusatory posts, having realized DROP did not steal anything.   As for these keycaps and BOB, we’re done for now. We’ll fulfill existing orders and send the rest back to the distributor.
Aug 22, 2020
WillI can understand why BOB might have made some of those claims given the radio silence, from what I understand. Its great that it was all a big misunderstanding. But I am not sure I would say they were out of line given the circumstances. Maybe you guys should remove B.O.B from the product name to avoid confusion. It might be the same. But it isn't being sold with the consent of BOB or supporting them monetarily (assuming that you haven't been charitable and given them a cut).
Sep 1, 2020
Anyone else’s order been stuck in transit?? Mine’s been stuck in Edison, NJ since 8/21 so I’m just wondering if it’s a delay with just my order or if others are experiencing the same thing
Aug 27, 2020
This does not fit my keyboard and now I see they are fake.. Can I get a refund?
Aug 22, 2020
No way these are made the "same as every other BOB Yasha", the quality is not good compared to an authentic in hand.
Aug 19, 2020
I purchased this thinking it was made by B.O.B and now come to find out its not. I already got a shipping notice. How to I get a refund and send it back, or stop it from shipping. Emailing Drop is pretty pointless because there dont reply for days...
Aug 20, 2020
nevillesidhuB.O.B must be able to litigate this... Get your refund or threaten to apply your consumer rights good luck and bless up!
Aug 21, 2020
slavvYeah, Im going to return and get a refund. Cant support such blatant ripoffs..
Aug 20, 2020
why_are_you_buying_this_keysetWere you looking in the mirror when you wrote this?
Aug 19, 2020
The description literally says "Made by hand by B.O.B. Handcraft...", Drop continues to drop the ball and completely suck at holding themselves accountable with proper communication to both vendors and buyers. Come on, do better. It's not that hard. Or at least accept responsibility - at the end of the day you're the ones selling it. You are not blameless.
Aug 19, 2020
This comment section is extra cancer
Aug 19, 2020
shame on you drop
Aug 18, 2020
Classic drop, working with shady unrecognizable chinese manufacturers and not taking the blame for screwing up. #justiceforbob
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