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CadLab CNC Skeleton ESC Key Artisan Keycap

CadLab CNC Skeleton ESC Key Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Nowadays, key switches sport hundreds of different colors, styles, and configurations—yet many Mech Keys setups hide them under colorful keycaps. The CadLab CNC Skeleton ESC Key takes the opposite approach by leaving the sides fully open to show off your snazzy key switches below Read More

Aug 26, 2023
Hah, look terrrrrible with MT3. Weird cap in general, totally worth $10ish at best
Aug 24, 2023
Was drop affordable at one point? The price on this single keycap seems a little extreme.
Aug 22, 2023
LOL after the craze about light weight mouse and weight reduction and mouse full of holes. Now it's happening to keyboard.
Aug 21, 2023
CNC seems like a waste for producing these… I think additive manufacturing would be cheaper. $49 is crazy
windom3D printing metal is still not cheap and the resulting surface finish would still require some time on a mill to clean up. $50 is about in line with other more boutique CNC aluminium offerings from Hibi, Thok, etc. Whether or not it's worth it is up to personal interpretation.
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