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Caps for Causes: MT3 NoveltyCats

Caps for Causes: MT3 NoveltyCats

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Product Description
Having raised tens of thousands of dollars in our previous Treecaps, Streamcaps, and Ukrainecaps runs, we're excited to launch the fourth installment in Caps for Causes: MT3 NoveltyCats. This time, we want to honor June's "Adopt a Shelter Cat Month" with a donation to the ASPCA on behalf of our Mech Keys community Read More

Jun 7, 2023
Hey everyone! Today we're super excited to unveil the fourth installment of Caps for Causes: MT3 NoveltyCats. We were so proud to have raised tens of thousands of dollars in our previous Treecaps, Streamcaps, and Ukrainecaps programs. This time, we want to honor June's "Adopt a Shelter Cat Month" with a donation to the SPCA on behalf of the Mech Keys Community. We used the OG MT3 Susuwatari First Edition Cat keycap mold to make some absolutely adorable novelty keycaps using the Black-on-White, Dasher, Fairlane and Dusk colorways. These will come packed as a set of four, and be available for $29 per pack. With just 550 packs made—in brand-new colorways, no less—we’re expecting the NoveltyCats to sell out extremely quickly. Don’t miss the chance to get yours.
It makes sense to limit these for lots of reasons - but it would be cool to see them pop up in different colorways from time to time. Maybe once or twice a year for similar fundraising things. Knowing that the MT3 tooling includes these and that they otherwise get discarded / recycled makes me want a Jiji in all the colors. Cyber Jiji! Noctua Jiji. Skiijiji. >.>
is this on track to ship on July 31st? EDIT: writing this as of July 27th, shipping date is now moved back to August 18th, hmm
Jun 20, 2023
The last charity caps were like 10 bucks
Since they're being made with each set, I hope we'll see additional colorways of our beloved cat in the future! Skiidata, Jasmine, and Cyber would be amazing.
Jun 11, 2023
I understand this for a cause and the product isn’t really the whole reason you buy it, but it’d be really cool for future sets if they were at least made in R1 or R5. Especially being mt3 R0 the keycap height sticks out like a sore thumb if not actually in a R0. I’m still gonna buy it but food for thought lol.
you had me at cats. all in on this one.
Jun 7, 2023
I hope this lasts til my next DKC coupon 😭
Jun 7, 2023
I don't see a single mention of y'all using Jiji as the image on the keycap. Atleast give some credit to Studio Ghibli.

Jun 12, 2023
oh my god that note is amazing. Drop have been binning tens of thousands of Jiji caps????
sevenseacatFrom what I understand, this was pretty much an accident - Drop wasn't aware this was happening, and is more or less a result of the novelty cap tooling being on the same mold as the rest of the profile. Now that matt3o and Drop are both aware that Tera Plastics was having to toss these instead of just not making them (the sets are injection molded more or less all at once, so making a regular set also means making a Jiji cap), one or both are holding on to at least some of these caps for fundraisers like this one, giveaways like the one they did a while back, etc.
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