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CIY GAS67 Gasket Keyboard

CIY GAS67 Gasket Keyboard

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Product Description
The GAS67 Keyboard is CIY’s first gasket-mounted keyboard; and as far as gasket action goes, they’re coming out the gate swinging. The translucent cases—available in black or purple tints—show off the customizable RGB array quite nicely, making for a really handsome board on the surface Read More

The whole point of drop used to be to have GB to provide products for cheaper or be able to produce enthusiast products that would otherwise not be made for enthusiasts. Now drop is running a GB on an in-stock keyboard for more than double the price. You can get this keyboard for $30 from Alibaba, or $50 with free shipping on aliexpress, and Drop is selling it for $65 + shipping... what a scam.
Check out the review here by nearLucid. Here's the type test
Jun 2, 2022
This is still available on taobao for about $35 and the shipping to north America would be about $18. That is cheaper and the roughly 2 week shipping is also likely faster. Also, you guys likely don't have the software on hand for this board.
Jun 5, 2022
AtticusVulpes@AtticusVulpes Hi mate, I'm from portugal and I wanted a costum keyboard but my budget is REALLY TIGHT I wonder how can I place an order in taobao if I cannot understand a single word there ( if i try to see something it goes for the logging screen and I can't translate it :| )? xd I'm new to all of this If you want we can add each others at discord or something and you can show me how can I order this? Thanks tho for your commentary :D
Jun 8, 2022
Y0uW1shttvGoogle translate the page
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