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CIY GAS67 Wireless Gasket Barebones Keyboard

CIY GAS67 Wireless Gasket Barebones Keyboard

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Product Description
As the name suggests, the CIY GAS67 is a wireless, gasket-mounted keyboard that features an impressive construction and a satisfyingly modern feel. At the core of that offering is gasket mounting that provides the perfect amount of give while typing, along with molded silicone dampening pads to deliver an even softer, more satisfying-sounding experience Read More

I use the wired version of this keyboard almost every day at work, and I'm a fan - might be the best value out there for a gasket-mounted keeb. More info and a full review here. It even has more flex than quite a few of its more expensive "entry" competitors. I thought it was missing only two things, and wireless connectivity was one of them. The other is metal thread inserts, and the lack of them is my one and only real complaint about this keyboard - and that's only going to matter for folks that repeatedly take apart and re-assemble it. I like to support sockets from underneath when I install new switches, so I'm just extra careful about putting the screws back in. As for the North-facing sockets - I think they make perfect sense for a gaming-centered RGB keyboard. This allows for better illumination of shine-through legends, and pairs well with the dedicated Windows key lock switch in the blocker to the left of the arrow keys. If you're concerned about interference, there are a few options;
  • Short travel switches
  • Switches with more tapered housings like BOX silents and BOX creams
  • Compatibility spacers (currently, Upgrade Keyboards has some, OLKB used to)
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