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CLICKEYbits Clicky Switch Tester

CLICKEYbits Clicky Switch Tester

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Product Description
You’d be hard pressed to find a more fun way to test switches than with CLICKEYbits. In fact, though they were originally developed as switch testers, people loved them so much that they started buying them as fidget toys Read More

Dec 13, 2019
This is a new product for 2020 and it's being introduced exclusively on From talking to people (often at the keyboard meetups, big "Hi" to everyone I've met) this is the most requested combo - all clicky switches, but a variety. The combo of blue, green, and navy switches makes it both a fun fidget and a useful switch tester. And having them paired on opposite sides gives a solid, consistent feel. Also, it doesn't make this explicit in the description, but it's important to note: this CLICKEYbits is one of the "finished products", not a "DIY" product. That means the switches are not removable. There are other drops for those who want to be able to change out the switches. Lastly, I know the "Ship By" date is officially Jan 6th but I'm going to do all I can to make these get out the door right away. I can't make it a promise, Jan 6th is the official date, but a rapid turn-around for a pre-Christmas arrival (at least for US destinations) is my goal.
Dec 17, 2019
sheppoorHow hard is it to put in your own switches? I’ve seen that several people have managed. Is there any way to order without any switches installed and use our own glue or something bc I really like the overall design but want to use some jades, navies, etc.
RiggityRakeThere are other "DIY" CLICKEYbits drops that come up from time to time, and you can easily use any switches (jades and navies - good choices). The instructions and details for our DIY products is here: But this drop isn't a "DIY" one, it's a "finished product" CLICKEYbits. For this drop the switches are not meant to come out and are in fact glued down.
This is what massdrop is made for, weird things only this community would appreciate. GG drop
allard_van_der_kampAppreciate the feedback!
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