Corter Leather & Cloth Snap Key Case
Corter Leather & Cloth Snap Key Case
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A Quibble with Key Jingle

Throwing your keys in your back pocket does the trick, but then you’re left jingle jangling all the way home. Instead of sounding like Santa Claus, get a convenient key storage system that silences your key clatter and keeps your door openers straight. Arriving with vintage style and durable structure, the Corter Leather & Cloth Snap Key Case lends new distinction to your everyday carry.

Corter is in Session

Corter Leather & Cloth started with little more than a dream and an Ikea desk in a college dormitory, with every product designed and produced entirely by Eric Hines. While he now works out of a solar powered studio on Cape Cod and has an assistant, Hines still hand assembles every product and completes all of his designs in house. Placing an emphasis on traditional methods and quality construction, every stitch is done by hand and not a single press is powered

Oh Snap!

The one piece design offers unbeatable durability, as the solid piece of high quality, natural vegetable tanned leather won’t bend, tear, or break like lesser holsters. Punched with two screwed capable of holding three keys each, you can easily access any key you need. Finished off with a rustproof, nickel-plated brass snap, the Corter Leather & Cloth Snap Key Case is a one of a kind accessory that gives you solid style in a simple snap.

  • Corter Leather and Cloth
  • 7-9 oz natural vegetable tanned leather
  • One piece design
  • Nickel plated brass snap
  • Holds four to six standard size keys
  • 4.56 x 1.51 x 0.8 in (116.0 x 38.17 x 20.5 mm)
  • 0.89 oz (29.23 g)
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