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Datamancer 60% Hardwood Magnetic Keyboard Case

Datamancer 60% Hardwood Magnetic Keyboard Case

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Product Description
Datamancer has built a solid reputation making wooden cases for popular keyboards like the Pok3r, Preonic, and ErgoDox. Now, the company has created one for 60-percent keyboards Read More

Jan 7, 2021
I would literally die if they had this for preonic
BLNTWZRDWow, well I guess I won't leave this link here:
Jan 8, 2021
DatamancerMy heart...omg
Jul 10, 2020
Will this fit MT3 keycaps?
monsieur-caillouI believe they will fit, but only with the tall config
Anyone know if this fits the DZ60RGB that was recently sold on Drop?
ItscboYes it should fit!
Jul 9, 2020
Wondering if this fits the tokyo60 (purchased here at Drop)
jotaro_kujoUnfortunately not, the case doesn't have blockers
Jul 7, 2020
Is this compatible with the Ducky One 2 Mini?
RedingtonI don't know, it really looks like it does, but I really can't tell from the information I can find online. The case will fit any keyboard that has the GH60 form factor
Jul 6, 2020
Does this work with gk64xs?
Nov 29, 2020
im actually working directly with a gentleman at datamance for the gk64xs layout by the name rhabbi i believe.
Nov 29, 2020
Blackjackx1031Would be amazing. Also amazing if it worked with the led underglow feature as well... ;) (here is to wishing). Just let me know when its on drop and I'll pick one up immediately!
Jul 5, 2020
Does this case work with Anne pro 2 I think the switch location is off by a little
VipercoolIt does not unfortunately.
Jul 4, 2020
Is this case compatible with the Drop Carina?
fffelixHmm, I don't know. It should fit if the Carina is compatible with the GH60 layout. @YanboWu do you happen to know?
DatamancerIt does not - the Carina uses dual USB C connectors similar to the CTRL and ALT.
Jul 4, 2020
What a deal this group buy is. The walnut SA case with tax and shipping is less than a dollar cheaper than buying from datamancer directly. What is the point of this site anymore?
Jul 8, 2020
bentglasstubeThis site is for the consumer that doesn't lift a finger to do any research into what they buy. Poor Drop marketers, they spend all their time promoting the products to have the site intro them to people like us that just find it elsewhere for the same price or a few dollars more and can get it now rather than wait for the drop to happen.
Jan 7, 2021
bentglasstubeHasn't that always been the case with everything here except keycap groupbuys? Like literally everything I've ever been intrested in here has been available cheaper and faster somewhere else. Now I mainly use Drop to discover products I can look up on google and to look at gorgeous keycaps sets that would be way to expensive to ship to me in Europe even if they supported my layout, which they almost never does. They really need to set up a warehouse in Europe or just hire some shipping company do deal with it for them. I don't get what the problem is. Now lots of sets doesn't include iso layouts just because "Europeans never buy them anyways". Well duhh. Of course not with the added vat and customs plus the fact that iso-users usually need like 6-7 keys for their layout but is forced to buy a kit with ~50 keys they'll never ever use for like $60-70. Maybe we need some sort of system where Europeans can talk with eachother and buy sets together, like a Swede can join a German and a Norwegian in buying one kit and have Drop split it and ship the right caps to the right country. Even if you have the money to waste on lots of caps you have no use for it feels like such a waste that they'll just sit in a box forever. Sure you can sell them later but I'm talking about the initial cost being prohibitively expensive for most people.
Jul 4, 2020
"Note: At checkout, choose cherry (base price) or walnut (+ $8)" The $10 checkout doesn't match on the buy window.
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