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Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen

Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen

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Product Description
Since 1922, German pen maker Diplomat has made pens the traditional way, driven by the belief that handwritten communication helps people develop meaningful personal and business relationships. These fountain pens are comfortable, durable, and smooth-writing—so much so that you'll want to carry and use yours every day Read More

Jul 29, 2019
The pen arrived earlier than expected, but not sure if it’s my luck? The nib was twisted.... I had to send it for tuning.... don’t know what happened to the pen? However, after tuning the pen writes really well. It’s one of the best steel nib that I have had.
Jun 26, 2019
Seems like a long wait for the pen to be shipped.... I wonder why can’t the pen be shipped earlier?
Jun 22, 2019
How is everyone liking their pen? I ordered Brown Fine Nib... shipment is in August. Anyone else have Fine? How does it write?
Jul 29, 2019
jonstiI got the M nib and it writes more like a F. I hope yours is good
Dec 28, 2018
Well, here in Canada I can report the arrival of my orange Diplomat, 11 days after the original shipping notification! The pen arrived as advertised with one small glitch: the supplied ink cartridges came loose and spilled ink inside the box. Good thing I was never planning to use them!
Dec 15, 2018
I can live with the delay. No biggie. I just hope the drop isn't cancelled altogether. Fingers crossed!
Dec 15, 2018
This was supposed to ship Dec 14, and I just got an email saying it’s delayed. If it ships after Christmas I’ll be pissed.
Dec 21, 2018
you did? do you ming me asking which color? to see if others are being shipped as well?
Dec 21, 2018
aaylerOrange for me. Hope everyone in the drop get theirs soon. Diplomat makes pretty amazing quality pens.
Nov 25, 2018
Silver looks a bit garbage canny.

Edblnc…turned inside out. Should it be matched with an Oscar the Grouch murky green ink?
Nov 26, 2018
charlizeworshipperHah! Maybe Noodler's El Lawrence? It looks like dirty dipstick, and is strangely compelling and beautiful for that reason. Noodler's Zhivago would be even better. It's grouchy green, and more user-friendly in lay settings than the beautifully ugly El Lawrence.
Nov 23, 2018
I would like the option for new purple one!
Nov 23, 2018
Black Friday price of $120 for the steel nib is about 16 dollars cheaper than usual street price from U.S. vendors that don't normally offer free shipping. I've had the orange with a medium steel nib for about six months and love it; Diplomat's steel nibs are tuned very well. Now picking up a second with a fine nib in the Factory finish.
Hmmm, pass. No Extra Fine nib option on offer, and more expensive by almost 10% (shipped) than at least one current Black Friday promotion elsewhere, even if I were prepared to forgo an EF nib. I just cannot trust German pens to truly deliver fine lines with a Fine nib, as much as I regard German precision highly.
Who am I really, you question? I answered, over in the other discussion thread. My orange Diplomat Aero with an EF nib, ordered from LCdC on 3 November 2018, is due to arrive in the post in the next several hours, or so Australia Post advised me. I'm already eyeing the charcoal coloured one as a future purchase, pending whether I think the EF nib actually writes finely enough for the grade. If Massdrop is going to offer that pen for no more than US$115 shipped to Australia and with no GST slapped on top of it, I'll be happy to consider it. I'm also looking at perhaps getting more Platinum #3776 Century celluloid models with F nibs. I just bought the brown tortoise model from (sold by Amazon US) for the equivalent of US$189, shipped to Australia and GST inclusive. If Massdrop can offer the stone wall or koi carp models for no more than US$204 – that's US$199 plus a nominal shipping charge of US$4.99 – all up, I'll be interested. (LCdC is currently offering the koi carp model at US$266 all up. I'm not buying.) <EDIT seq=1 date=2018-11-28> For what it's worth, the two articles Australia Post advised me on (and indeed delivered yesterday) turned out to be something else. I got the post office staff to look in their back-office systems (which shows information not available to senders and recipients by self-service) about the two purportedly 'untrackable' articles from the Netherlands, and they said the articles are still with Customs in Sydney. Bummer. <EDIT seq=2 date=2018-12-11> I just got back from an overseas trip, and finally managed to get my hands on the two packages from LCdC that were delivered a day too late, such that I could not collect them before I left. Both parcels were opened and resealed for Customs inspection; one was by Australian Customs (so says the green resealing tape), and I can only assume that the other one was by Netherlands Customs officers because the white resealing tape on that has Dutch words printed in bold along its length. That would account for some of the delay in delivery, and I cannot exactly blame LCdC for that.
Jun 17, 2019
Maybe Lamy changed that recently, for I did not pay a premium on the Dialog3 EF
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