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DOMIKEY Astronauts Cherry Tripleshot ABS Keycap Set

DOMIKEY Astronauts Cherry Tripleshot ABS Keycap Set

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Product Description
With colors inspired by the advent of space travel—and a build sporting the latest tripleshot design—DOMIKEY’s Astronauts Keycap Set is an out-of-this-world blend of retro and modern. Pairing gray-red and dark-gray modifiers with beige alphas, this high-character set has an understated look reminiscent of last century’s spacecraft Read More

About my earlier comments. While "let me google that for you" is almost never a wrong reply, my conclusions may have been hasty. While I can indeed find references to this keyboard on iffy looking Chinese and Russian web sites, I am less sure that I could actually order one and get it delivered. Searching again I can see that my addled brain was looking at some Durgod keyboards but my brain was seeing Domikey. Close, but not grenades. If one looks, you will discover that said keyboard (both) have been sold by Drop in years past. Perhaps if someone reaches out to support maybe there is a folder full of info on the Domikey. There is an active web site for a company selling keycaps, but no keyboards, named I do not think it is the same company that went by that name before. The domain was registered in 2018. So, sorry for spreading my confusion. In meager defense, I will say that just a few hours after my post I was in hospital signing forms and being wheeled away for about five hours of surgery to repair my right shoulder in what my surgeon claimed was the worst case he had ever seen. Three weeks on now the pain is far from manageable yet... especially when I try to type. So, maybe I will stop typing now. peace. ciao.
I was a child of space race era and I have to say, nothing about this makes me think astronauts.
Mar 17, 2022
Too bad this set wont run. I feel not enough people saw it. I really need this color red and tried to grab a second hand Perestroika but its way too much money atm. This colorway would have met what I need. Kinda GMK Perestroika meets CRP. Oh well...the search continues
Mar 16, 2022
So what benefit do I get ordering these from Drop instead of one of the many chinese shops selling it for the same price with faster shipping? Better QC?
Mar 14, 2022
Does this have potential ortho support? It looks like it’s missing R4 Shift, Raise/Lower, etc.
Mar 14, 2022
All in kit.. yet not a single extra 'B' for alice support... quite disappointing
Mar 11, 2022
Nice. DOMIKEY is making some good stuff, would love to see more of their keycaps end up on drop
Jan 31, 2022
Holy crap, it's already out shipping. I wasn't expecting this until May.
Dec 16, 2021
If this key cap set came with this keyboard, then it would be a perfect purchase altogether. As there is no keyboard like that being shown in the pictures, this whole key-set shall be ignored. Maybe DROP should start bundling in keyboards such as this, with future key-cap purchases?
ElrickIt took me all of one minute to find such keyboards on AliExpress. The search pointed to lots more web sites with what appears to be this keyboard.
Dec 12, 2021
May????? Forget it
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