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Drop + grell TWS1X IEM

Drop + grell TWS1X IEM

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Product Description
We partnered with Axel Grell—legendary engineer behind some of Sennheiser’s most sought-after headphones—to create a true-wireless IEM with unprecedented audiophile-grade performance. Working closely with Axel’s new brand, grell, we left no feature unrefined. Noise-canceling is revolutionized with grell’s innovative psycho-acoustical Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) system. Connectivity is optimized with Bluetooth 5.2 and support for the latest codecs. Communication is crystalized with an advanced microphone array and patent-pending Multilayer Turbulence Eliminator (MTE). And sound quality? It’s best-in-class, thanks to custom-designed dynamic drivers. Introducing the Drop + grell TWS1X IEM: your new true-wireless staple.
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Dec 9, 2021
Are you going to drop support on this after a year, like you did for the Drop Pandas?
Dec 9, 2021
Don't recall any dropped support for Panda. Had a FW update a few months back as well.
Dec 10, 2021
When I work out, I use an MP3 player on my smart watch. Android 7 has a very good MP3 player with volume control. I now have a new smart watch with Android 9 with a limited MP3 player with no volume control and the volume is too low. Does the Grell have volume controls? And what other controls are available. Also so my experience with touch controls is that when I try to adjust the fit in my ear, it pauses the player or jumps to another song.
The grell TWS/1 has glass touch controls for volume, playback, ANC on/off, transparent mode, etc. Its responsive like a smartphone’s touchscreen. You can grab the edges of the “disc” to reposition them with low likelihood of bumping controls. Karin Grell made an excellent diagram of the touch controls, I’ll find them and share with you :) Edit: It’s a PDF, which I can’t upload here. So here’s some screenshots of the PDF for you 😂 ought to do the job!


Dec 14, 2021
are we getting an HD600 tuning?
Good question, complicated solution! Our ears are unique, and filter the frequency response of speakers, headphones, and everything we hear. “Neutral headphones” are designed to sound like linear studio monitor speakers. It’s like wearing tinted glasses, but you’re used to perceiving “natural” through that filter. With headphones, an audio engineer (Axel Grell was the chief engineer for the HD 600, by the way) at least knows your outer ear and inner ear will apply the same filter effect to speakers and headphones. In-ear headphones can be designed to emit a linear, flat-measuring sound, but we’re not used to hearing sound that way, without the filter of our outer ears (and different ear tips change the sound significantly as well). Long story short, it’s harder to make in-ears sound like a specific headphone or speaker… out of the box. If you download the SoundID app, it should come with an alternative tuning that gets reasonably close to a linear sound like the HD 600. However, the secret weapon is to take the intuitive SoundID Quiz, while you’re in a quiet environment, to A/B test and build up a tailored EQ profile that is unique just for your ears! That profile can also be uploaded into the TWS1x, so you can use it with any source you want besides your smartphone, too 😉
Dec 9, 2021
which comply tips fit these? will grell or drop sell foam tip replacements?
Comes with two sizes of foam tips, but you can use Comply 200 series if you like. That’s what I’m using in 2023
How do I troubleshoot connection or firmware update issues?
Hey Everyone, we’ve seen a few troubleshooting requests out of the first 250 units that came out. grell audio has reached out to Sonarworks’ software specialist to look into things. They may have more to add, or do on their server end, but meanwhile I’ll share some general troubleshooting tips, and the support email:

Factory reset (this has “Have You tried turning it off and on again” magic): ”Forget” the TWS1x pairing from your devices’ Bluetooth settings. Touch and hold both earpiece’s capacitive touch fields simultaneously, for 10 seconds. Then, put the earpieces back in the charging case for a handful of seconds, take them out, and manually pair them with your audio sources again (hold the right earpiece’s touch field for 5 seconds). Firmware Update Tip: Play music while you perform the firmware update. Yes, seriously! EDIT: new SoundID update makes this unnecessary 😉 The TWS1x makes two connections to your smartphone/source with SoundID: BT Classic (normal pairing in the system settings) and BLE Connection (through the SoundID app). The update is performed over BLE, however it should solve several issues if you pair the earpieces to the smartphone first (in iOS/Android system settings) before attempting an update through the app. Firmware Update steps Here’s a walkthrough video:
  1. Make sure the earpiece has at least 50% battery charge (15 minutes in the case should do).
  2. Use home WiFi, not public WiFi or cellular data if possible (limit chances for interference or lost signal).
  3. Pair both TWS/1 earpieces to your phone, leave them on a table.
  4. Use the SoundID app, run the firmware updater. You should be done after this!
  5. Update may take several minutes. Some people say it was very slow and seemed to get stuck at 50%, but eventually it finished. If update fails or appears to stay frozen in progress for over 20 minutes, place both earpieces back into the charging case to restart back in the last used firmware.
  6. If update fails, Re-download firmware after checking steps 1 through 4.
Good news: if you lose connection to the firmware server, and put the earpieces back in the charging case, the TWS1x is set to automatically restart and use the last completed firmware install, so you won’t brick your device.