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Drop + grell TWS1X IEM

Drop + grell TWS1X IEM

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We partnered with Axel Grell—legendary engineer behind some of Sennheiser’s most sought-after headphones—to create a true-wireless IEM with unprecedented audiophile-grade performance. Working closely with Axel’s new brand, grell, we left no feature unrefined. Noise-canceling is revolutionized with grell’s innovative psycho-acoustical Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) system. Connectivity is optimized with Bluetooth 5.2 and support for the latest codecs. Communication is crystalized with an advanced microphone array and patent-pending Multilayer Turbulence Eliminator (MTE). And sound quality? It’s best-in-class, thanks to custom-designed dynamic drivers. Introducing the Drop + grell TWS1X IEM: your new true-wireless staple.

Dec 9, 2021
We are introducing an exciting new collaboration with the venerable acoustic engineer Axel Grell just in time for the holidays. Anyone who has been a fan of Sennhesier probably needs no introduction, but if you’re wearing a pair of Sennheiser’s right now then there is a good chance that Axel designed them. We were fortunate enough to be able to work with Axel on an exclusive partnership to develop his first independent product under his new company Grell Audio. While Axel oversaw the acoustic tuning of the project, Drop worked to provide a mix of different silicone wingtips to improve the fit and seal in the ear while also designing our own black colorway for the charging case and earpieces. Providing a nice contrast against the blue accent color of the wingtips while maintaining that professional look.   The result is a sleek and modern true wireless IEM with class leading ANC performance at a price everyone can afford. The punchy and warm sound signature gives the kind of listening experience you can enjoy whether you’re on the go or relaxing in the comfort of your home.
Jan 12, 2022
We cooked up a little something for your grell audio headphones! We constantly strive for perfection, and to reward our loyal users we have released a new firmware update, now available from the SoundID app! Firmware release log:

EDIT 5/11/2022, Firmware 2.8.0: • Improved Bluetooth connection stability between earpieces… should help with dropouts and stutters! • Improved the command for ending calls (hold either touch field for 2S) to make it more intentional and less accidental. • Now you can hold the right touch field for 10 seconds to forget all Bluetooth pairings and connect fresh, or both left and right touch fields to reset everything to factory.

EDIT 4/13/2022, Firmware 2.7.0: • Improved preservation of battery charge in-between days of usage 1/13/2022: • Better connection stability • Increased volume range: 4dB (with a change in the SoundID app this will add 7dB in total) • Modified tap gesture: 160ms -> 240ms (The "tap" can be longer, more forgiving and responsive!) • Simplified ANC and NAR control • LHDC "license invalid" fix from Savitech (LHDC is working! And sounds great!!!)
Sonarworks also released a new app update (for both iOS and Android) which includes the following things to improve the Over The Air Update (OTAU) experience: • Silent audio playback by the app during OTAU process (The app self-maintains a good data connection to the earbuds) • Timeout and retry mechanism for separate stages of OTAU process (if there’s an error, you don’t have to start over from the beginning)
A thank you goes to Sonarworks who have been applying hotfixes since launch, collaborating and working hard with us! Drop has also been here, keeping us informed and pointing us to posts we have missed, as well as being great partners in the sales process. Another big thanks to our patrons (that means you!), we listened to your feedback and this should make your experience nicer! It’s always good to think about what you’re thankful for at the start of a new year, and of course make resolutions 😉 Bonus: Anyone else notice the green “Pairing” knife next to the Bluetooth headphones? 🤣
May 12, 2022
EvshrugKudos for the great what-seems-like-one-man-singlehandedly prolific support for the Drop + Grells. I can only imagine the number of customers you've saved, both for themselves and for Drop.
pbergonziIt is not every day I get kudos, thank you! I think Axel hired me because he knows I was on Drop and Head-Fi pretty much everyday anyway 😅 It’s something I do well, and Axel is good with headphones, so I’m all to happy to have a purpose and take some of the load off him so he can keep working on more cool stuff. I’m here for the folks, to serve as a bridge between what customers want and what Axel is innovating. I have to say, I think this new firmware is going to save me some work 😂. I took a 1 hour 15 minute walk outside in my park today (outside is harder on Bluetooth; nothing/ few things to bounce signal off of!), no skips or stutters!

EDC pocket dump!

Jan 21, 2023
Are there any hardware differences between the grell TWS1 and the Drop + grell TWS1X?
Mar 7, 2023
ScottTheManNo difference whatsoever. There are simply some included fins with the Drop, which means there is a tiny bit of a peg on the Drop version, the peg is to hold the fins aligned. I just noticed that they are only $99 now, which in my mind, makes them the least expensive audiophile grade in-ears there are.
Jan 5, 2023
@Evshrug Sennheiser (Sonova--Phonak) is releasing the Conversation Clear Plus hearing assist/streaming earphones. Do you know if Grell or Drop mean to advance this approach?
pbergonziI think this is a unique feature carried over from Sonova’s hearing aid expertise. It does seem to be a beneficial feature, but I also notice they don’t mention music or a Bluetooth connection to audio sources at all in that announcement. I can’t comment on what may or may not come out in the future for grell or DROP.
With Grell Audio all but gone, are these no longer supported (firmware updates)?
Dec 7, 2022
Got mine, and got a weird addition to the issues pile Took them out for the first walk today in a city environment and found that as I hit major cross streets I would get the disconnect message. Seems like the tolerances for interference are set kind of low.
Nov 29, 2022
If you take them back to $69.00 I will purchase a set. :)
Nov 21, 2022
These things were out of date before they even hit market. What a dud.
Nov 8, 2022
Ich bin ebenfalls extrem enttäuscht. Da unterstützt man ein kleines Startup mit einem verhältnismäßig teurem Produkt und erwartet gute Qualität bzw. aktiven Support, schließlich wollen solche Startups ja auch weitere Produkte verkaufen. Und dann das:
  • - Von der versprochenen Multipoint-Fähigkeit ist nichts zu sehen, das letzte Firmwareupdate ist ein halbes Jahr alt
  • - die massiven Probleme bei der Akkulautzeit im Case gibt es seit dem letzten Firmwareupdate immer noch, nach ein paar Tagen ist sowohl das Case als auch die Kopfhörer tiefentladen und absolut tot
  • - die Webseite ist jetzt schon seit mehreren Wochen tot, was für mich das höchste Alarmzeichen überhaupt ist. Wenn ein Startup schon an einer so simplen Kleinigkeit scheitert ist klar, wie stiefmütterlich auch der Rest gepflegt wird
  • - ab und zu Störgeräusche im ANC-Betrieb, war nach einem Reset im Case immer weg, kommt nach kurzer Zeit aber immer wieder, sieht nach einem reinen Software-Problem aus
  • - Sprachansagen ab und zu nur noch sehr leise bzw. gar nicht mehr zu hören, nach einem Reset ist ebenfalls für kurze Zeit alles wieder in Ordnung
Meine Empfehlung? Finger weg, aber sowas von. Und falls es doch ein Nachfolgeprodukt geben wird: Ebenfalls Finger weg, an eine Besserung des Supports glaube ich nach fast über einem Jahr mit diesem Produkt nicht mehr.
Oct 6, 2022
@Evshrug the hitching / cutting out is happening again to my unit, on the left ear. Got a new phone, if that matters. IPhone 13 mini
Oct 11, 2022
Damn! Sorry to hear that - I thought you were doing a great job. I reached out to drop support, who will be replacing my pair.
ScoobmxThanks scoob. Axel and Gísli seemed happy with my efforts too, so no burned bridges. It is a setback, but it just so happens to have coincided with a lot of in-law family problems, so I’ve had some more time to focus on that. I hope you enjoy your replacement. I still have one (from the videos) that I use.
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