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Drop Keycaps Mystery Box Sale

Drop Keycaps Mystery Box Sale

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It’s been a keycap-filled decade here on Drop. When we started this business of group buys, we had no idea how involved we’d get in the Mech Keys community—and how much the community would give back to us Read More

Aug 18, 2022
Hey everyone, we're excited to present our Drop Keycap Mystery Box. Unlike many other Mystery Box formats, the "mystery" part of the box isn't so much about the value of what's inside, it's about the contents. What we mean by that, is that many other types of boxes sold on other sites have "low value" boxes to subsidize high value/rare "chase" boxes. For the Drop Mystery Keycap Boxes, all of them are worth a significant amount (based on Drop MSRP prices) that exceeds the price of the box. Why should I buy this instead of buying the exact sets that I want? Have you ever gotten a sweater or tshirt from a friend, and then your immediate reaction is "I'm not sure, this isn't what I normally buy for myself" and then 6 months later it's your favorite article of clothing? That's what we're going for here- buying a mystery box will give you a handful of base kit/modifiers/novelties/artisans/etc. that you probably wouldn't have normally bought, but if you give them a chance, you might love them! Alternatively, if you're patiently working r/mechmarket, you can flip the contents of a box. Lastly this makes a fun and interesting random present for yourself or someone you know who's into keyboards. Previous Mystery Boxes have sold out quickly so we're limiting this to two per person, (for now!).
Aug 18, 2022
KevinCan we request profile? For example, I like tall keycaps like SA and MT3, but I would be disappointed if I got a GMK set since I’m not into Cherry profile. (And I know that makes me weird, lol. Most of the community seems to be the opposite.)
A community member
Aug 18, 2022
WandersFarI'm with you! I don't own anything shorter than MT3; having to flip something I didn't want would be more hassle than it's worth.
Aug 18, 2022
And we’re sold out! If you missed it, hit the request button and we will email you when this becomes live again. We will turn it back on once we get an eta on the packing of more mystery boxes. thanks! 1st edit: and we are back! We went back to our team and they committed on arranging more mystery boxes with slightly longer lead-time. The quantity is still very-limited, unfortunately. 2nd edit: the second batch was sold out as well. Thank you everyone for joining.
(Edited by moderator Jyri_Drop)
Aug 18, 2022
KevinThat was fast; Though I got in just in time I guess.
Aug 18, 2022
KevinOn the page, it shows that I can pre-order. Is that correct?
Sep 23, 2022
I got MDX-35638-1 and MDX-35344-1 that i think are LOOP pudding v2 and Drop + mito DCS Sleeper I also got what i think is NPKC GRADIENT PBT DOUBLESHOT SIDE-LIT sky blue and HOLYOOPS GAMEPAD ALUMINUM ARTISAN KEYCAP so a little disappointed, especially considering that only the pudding(cheapest) set work with ISO (but the ISO risk was something i knew about and was prepared for when i ordered), but ok I guess combined value of about $198
Sep 20, 2022
My Keycaps only have model numbers, but I can't seem to correlate those numbers to Drop products. Anyone have insight into the following models - MDX-35512-1 & MDX-35512-6? Thanks!
Sep 20, 2022
ZbellMDX-35512-1 is SA Carbon Alphas kit MDX-35512-6 is SA Carbon Bones Modifiers kit
Oct 12, 2022
Zbellhey, my mystery box just came in, and i thought you might be interested.. i got the exact same two bags, 35512-1 and 35512-6.. kind of an L tbh..
Sep 7, 2022
So I'm in the UK and I've just received my mystery box and I thought I'd share what I got. I got 4 keycap sets and one small novelty set I'd call it. The sets are as follows: Drop Skylight Series - Slate (The box actually calls it "Two tone shine through gray" but I'm fairly sure it's the skylight slate) Artifact Bloom series: Dusk (the box is not at all clear what set it is but I think it's the above) Drop Skylight Series - Horizon (The box actually calls it "Two tone shine through blue" but I'm fairly sure it's the skylight horizon) Drop + Marvel Ironman (quite a big box with lots of keys across tree trays) Then I have a small box with what looks like 4 keys made of brass for WASD. I can't find these on the drop site at all but they look similar to the Teamwolf keys. How do I feel about the contents? well, for a $99 cost I got a value of $280 (assuming the price of the brass keys is $15) so it's certainly cheaper than had I bought them directly. Would I have ordered these sets? hmm.. Not sure. I think I might use the artifact set to make up a keyboard for my daughter, she might like that. The skylight sets are alright I suppose. I might make some use of them. The ironman set is quite nice and it's a much fuller set which is positive. Not sure if I'll make much use of the brass keys but we'll see. Being in the UK, I was a bit disappointed that only 1 of these sets had ISO keys (the Ironman set) but I suppose not surprised. I didn't really think of that when I ordered it. I suppose I was hoping I might have got the Skiidata set, any of the MiTO sets, any of the matt3o's, one of the GMK sets, maybe one of the LOTR sets but hey ho.
Sep 2, 2022
would be nice if these didnt drop at like 5am in the morning for the other half of the world.
Aug 21, 2022
Sounds like this would have been fun for someone just getting into keyboards. I imagine many of us already bought the sets we want, lol.
Sep 13, 2022
LulunaThat is true, and me!! I am just learning the "trade" and this is so helpful!
Aug 19, 2022
Do another run! For us night people that can't order because we're working and missed it
Aug 19, 2022
The community is overreacting on this 100%. Drop has done wrong before and deserved to be called out, this is NOT one of those cases. They very clearly state the contents of the box, whether or not you want to take those chances is entirely up to you. I can't think of one other instance of any mystery box being this transparent. Seriously, go ahead and show me any mystery box that has detailed the contents this clearly. Not to mention that the content itself will be worth the monetary value and more. I don't understand the controversy here. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Just don't ruin it for the rest of us who do see value in something like this.
Aug 19, 2022
I think this would've been interesting if you could request a specific format. Running a TKL keyboard means I can't fit most generic format keycaps unless they come with multiple different versions of the same function keys...
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