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Drop Keycap Mystery Box – Series 3

Drop Keycap Mystery Box – Series 3

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They said the third time’s a charm. For our Mystery Box, the third time is so good, it’s getting a second act Read More
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Feb 16, 2023
i already have bought all the items I got in the mystery box except for the Black Panther Matt which I wished and hoped I wouldn’t get before arriving. I thought Drop would have at least checked what their customers have purchased in their history but no I see that they are not considerate enough to do so. I have doubles of of cyber mito and the grey key caps that comes with Drop shift keyboard and I have the same panda switch’s in 2 of my Nj80 keyboards. Mass Drop please look at more details of your loyal customers. We will go else where we are more respected. I just needed to vent about my mystery box and because of this I have lost all my patience for your delayed orders and got refunds because of1 crappy mystery box. I was really ok with the late orders but receiving of an un thoughtful mystery box changes my mind about a company. I really did enjoy shopping at Drop and didn’t care about dropping ridiculous expensive amounts of money for some unnecessary plastic keycaps or things I didn’t need. Getting doubles of l unnecessary items makes me want to hit myself in the head. Thank you though and I hope Mass Drop will prolifically do better to make their loyal customers that understands the game of Mass Drops functionality about paying for items and receiving at some random date when they finish production or just when it’s available, make us more happy about the products when we receive them to make us feel it was Worth the Wait. Peace and Respect! _Ted Kanase
Feb 17, 2023
Honestly..what you're saying doesn't make sense - logistically looking at everyone's orders and trying to give you stuff you don't have in your order history? People have been buying things from this site for years, imagine the manpower and time it would take to cater a specific box just for you. This is a mystery box, not a concierge service to fill the stuff that you don't have
Nov 11, 2022
You know I kind of hate how this is done where those of us who ardently support and purchase without question these types of boxes and end up being less than satisfied only to then be chatted to get the next one because it'll be better and has more stuff in it well you should have had the right stuff in it to begin with and out of the six boxes I've purchased I highly doubt that even 50% of them contained anywhere close to the claim ed valuation or the added value as is what's being sold here. 😒 Now, I will say that compared to the joke of a money grab that idoabao's mystery boxes were, which honestly caused me to feel rage when I was greeted with a bag of 10 switches or a key cap puller and a couple random keycaps and a card saying thank you in a box that probably cost more than those items combined but yet is worth nothing that was a joke however the joke even though on the consumer wasn't that costly of one meaning that you're taking a Gamble and hoping to get something good based on what they were saying but at the end of the day the $9.99 that you got taken for doesn't sting quite as much as a hundred bucks and ultimately if you're dissatisfied or unhappy well they definitely don't care and it just makes it easy to wipe them off your list of people that you ever consider doing business with knowing that anytime they offer something that is proposed to be a value or a great deal it's going to be anything but and you might as well just write your money on fire and hit yourself in the head with a hammer cuz you'll have a better result then expecting to get something that's cool or in any way what you paid for. Of course I will queue up like a loyal consumeristic-lemming and hope for my opportunity to be able to fork over even more money to drop as I'm on clip to do far more than I've ever spent this year thanks to mystery boxes and insane deals on high profile cases that are overpriced to begin with but when reduced to a somewhat less than offensive amount there are no brainer or at least able to rationalize it to myself and waste the money nonetheless but I just would ask that given the nature of this organization and how things are done the people here are here for quality products and here for true value although it may cost money because it's not cheap it still has to represent a value and the one thing that does not represent value nor does it show that you guys value customers is kind of the used car tactics or essentially the cable providers where screw the customers that you already have but for the next person look at what you can get and enticements that should have been done in the first place but yet work and then you rub it in but expect us to buy more...?
Nov 12, 2022
Mystery boxes can only be 1 of 2 types. Either they are unsold,unwanted, left overs (you get more for your money and the company clears stock) or your buying a lottery ticket (where the company will sell more "less than values" to make up for the "more than values"). These are the first. The others you mentioned are the ladder.
May 3, 2023
is this onlyavailable in the US?
It was initially, but has been opened up to all countries we normally ship to 👍
May 3, 2023
I was a little disappointed to see that this item only ships to specific places, I was very looking forward to getting this box. I couldn't order it to where I live but this was not stated in the product page. Would you guys be able to add this detail in the product page/overview? Why is it only specific to a few areas? and are there plans to change this to be available worldwide? Thanks!
Hey, thanks for the feedback. We have opened it up to ship to all countries we would normally ship to. 👌
Dec 27, 2022
Hi Drop. Why cannot shipping to Japan this time ? I could buy last time(November) Thanks.
Mar 9, 2023
I cannot order to Poland too. I assume it's not available outside US?