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Drop Keycap Mystery Box – Series 3

Drop Keycap Mystery Box – Series 3

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Product Description
Following up on the two completely sold out (oversold!) series, our popular Keycap Mystery boxes are back again—and this time, their contents have diversified. We’ve changed things up to include a bit more variety and value towards keyboard enthusiasts Read More

Nov 10, 2022
Welcome to the Series 3 of the Drop Keycap Mystery Box! We continue struggle to keep up with the demand for our Mystery boxes. Each time we design one of these offerings, a lot of time and thought is put into how we can come up with an assortment that generally makes sense for a "Random buyer" to get a "randomized box" and still be happy. All while making sure the value and economics make sense. Trust me, it's no easy task! To keep innovating (and testing!), we're trying something pretty different this time around! Specifically, we're replacing some of the keycaps with switches and desk mats. Similar to the story with mystery boxes having keycaps that you never knew you'd love, we hope that the Series 3 mystery boxes will contain a new set of switches that you've always wanted to try but never got a chance to. In addition, our recent user surveys showed that less than 25% of keyboard owners actually have a desk mat! If that's you, here's your chance to get a desk mat and give it a try- hopefully it's life changing. If you've already got one, never hurts to have a second one to swap in/out or use for other purposes like playing board games! To summarize, each box will contain:
  • One premium set of keycaps from GMK, DCX, or MT3.
  • One Drop Skylight Series set of keycaps.
  • One premium desk mat.
  • One set of switches (70 to 110, depending on the variety).
The entire contents of the box will exceed $200 based on MSRP's. In closing, one last reminder that if you're very picky about the products that you buy and use, the Mystery box is probably a poor choice for you. You're better off just buying the exact things you want. If you're looking for a random interesting variety of high quality keyboard products at a good price, your box awaits. (If you get one before it sells out!)
Nov 28, 2022
Figured I'd post what I received for future visibility: *Drop DCX White-On-Black - $79 *Holy Pandas - 70ct - $59 *Drop Skylight White/Blue - $45 *Marvel Black Panther Desk Mat - $20 Total Value (with current sale price) : $203 - looking at actual MSRP it's maybe $280, but if it's on sale I don't think that should count. Overall kind of meh about it - but hey it was exciting!
Nov 28, 2022
masterhailHuh interesting, I got a pretty similar set. Pretty much everything the same but got Drop Skylight White/Rose instead of the White/Blue. I'm personally indifferent about the Skylight keycaps and Desk Mat so I'll probably just give those away as gifts. I can at least make a build out of the DCX keycaps and Holy Pandas. This was my first time buying a mystery box and I had a little bit of fun anticipating the random stuff I was gonna get but in the future, I think it'll probably be worth more if I just grab what I want individually.
@Kevin Hey, check my review out, because the over $200 claimed value and the claim of this stuff not being B-stock/used was false on one of my two boxes. The one box had a Black Panther Base kit that had been opened (the tape was slit on the item's box, but the shipping box was still sealed) at some point to steal the alpha/space bar tray out of and replaced with a duplicate numpad/right column tray, and all your condescending customer support team had to say was "sowwy, no refunds or exchanges. but we're super serial about this so here's $15 credit towards a future purchase". You need to make this right, since I'm obviously talking to someone that couldn't care less about their job via the support system. I've spent several thousand dollars on Drop this year alone, and this is a an awful way to treat your customers and you've just lost one of your whales because of the rep's trash attitude.
Nov 26, 2022
I just got an e-mail regarding this, and it's out of stock. Well anyways..
Nov 13, 2022
Will i regret this purchase after so long? Will I???
Nov 13, 2022
i placed the order and I can see my credit card transaction completed but for some strange reason drop transaction page says “Security code was not matched by the processor” any knows what’s happening? I also cannot see this transaction in my drop profile.
AZ_QSeems odd. Maybe there was a reservation but not charged. Please contact our support team and they'll look into it.
Nov 13, 2022
Didn't get my last mystery box due to what I am guessing is a lost package and being out of the area for a few weeks so support never responded or was able to assist (out of the within 2 weeks to contact them). Gonna give it one last try… I want to start a collection and figured this would be the best way to play around and see what I like (having nothing previously). Hope it goes well this go around…
Admin User
Nov 14, 2022
Wired360Hi @Wired360 Oh no! It looks like you marked that you've found a solution and the ticket closed as Solved. When this happens, your ticket doesn't make it into our inbox. We'll re-open your ticket and someone should get back to you shortly.
Nov 23, 2022
amycsI wanted to thank the community support team for assisting me with the previous box I had ordered. I had believed it to be a lost cause and I was assisted with a resolution. I’m excited to see what the new box I ordered has!
If you're sticking with selling this glorified gambling, Drop needs at least to stop making a new listing every round. If you aren't filling these all with hot garbage then just add more stock to the same listing each round so that people can post what they got from the last one in the comments and photos. This should be only a positive for you if you aren't just unloading everything you cant sell, no? Also for products that are on sale 70% of the year, you should be honestly using that price for the "value" of the box, not the "MSRP" only fools pay. I've seen people posting boxes from prior rounds where you could buy the items inside for under $100 at current pricing, assuming you even wanted it all. But you wont. Also super neat you've removed the bit about no duplicates this round. Honestly anyone spending $100 doesnt want a single skylight set. They are cheap $30 gaming keyboard tier. You should really just drop that from this and give people a shot at two different desirable profiles like DCX/GMK Cherry/MT3.
Nov 12, 2022
I participated in Round 2 and was generally pleased with what I received. But I think I’ll pass this time. My reasons: * I don’t like that you’ve removed the guarantee about no duplicates. That was a big factor in my decision to buy 2 boxes last time. * I’m particular about my deskmats. Unlike random colored keycaps that you can make work with any build if you have a little creativity, the deskmat sets the tone for the whole setup. It’s an aesthetic choice that dominates your desk, and that’s not something I’d want to leave to chance. (Also I have quite a few deskmats already.) * No artisans. That was one of the most exciting parts of the previous boxes, what funky weird artisan would you get? I lucked out with a Dwarf Factory Dom last time, but knowing there’s not even a chance this round is a bummer. * I am not a fan of the Skylight series. If there were a chance of Artifact Bloom instead, I would have been more interested. I just think Artifact’s colors are more interesting: Mango Matcha and Dusk versus several variations on the same old BOW and WOB with some colored mods I can never use as a 40s girl. So there’s my feedback, for what it’s worth. I hope you return to the previous model for future rounds.
WandersFarWanted to reply on the duplicates. This actually wasn't on the product page details before but mentioned on the discussion page. This was an oversight to not include on the product page this time. If someone would receive duplicates we'd be happy to help and provide same support. The chances of duplicates have been reduced significantly since the first mystery box.
WandersFarAlso, thank you for the other feedback. Very helpful.
Nov 12, 2022
Starting with 500 was smart. There's no way in hell they didn't have 1000 boxes planned from the beginning though. But, the people on the fence about the $100 price will probably keep the product page open, and they'll glance at it all day, hovering over that add to cart button. Then suddenly, after a page refresh, it's out of stock! They've missed their chance now. What a fool they were for waiting on it. But look, in the discussions! They say there may be more! They keep an eye out in hopes of rectifying their mistake. And that's when it happens... They're back in stock! Another 500! No way they're waiting this time. They're all in. It's a prefect predatory tactic. The fear of missing out again on something you've already missed out on works wonders. I mean, think about it. If they're building this blind box out of things they're currently selling (and keep in mind, they say that's "mostly" what they've included), they would have had to look at their current stock, and what they can get in stock by the shipping date. They would definitely have a firm grasp on how many of these they could make. The fact that they just came up with another 500 boxes when they started running out is kind of dubious. They say themselves that it's limited to 500 because it takes quite a bit of time to assemble all the boxes, and any extras would take longer, but now they're doubling the number and still making the same ship date? Weird. All that said, I bought one when they first popped up, so who am I to criticize.
Nov 13, 2022
Hornet65I love how half this comment section is people like "this is gambling and predatory, I'm in" because I'm one of those people too
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