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Drop MT3 Garnet Keycap Set

Drop MT3 Garnet Keycap Set

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Product Description
Or rather: we’ve struck garnet, again. After the success of our deep-red DCX Garnet Keycap Set, we’ve decided to take the colorway to our first, and only other exclusive profile Read More

Oct 15, 2023
Man, I really hate they didn't get enough interest in these keycaps. Just had my order cancelled the other day. I so much wanted these!
I just had my order canceled because they didn't meat the minimum order quantity. So I guess don't bother to request it. :shrug: Now I need to find another all red set.
Oct 11, 2023
Just ordered the garnet set. A mustard yellow set, with cream legends (white is ok too) would be AWESOME for dark blue, red, green, brown keyboards! Basically all earth tones. Take my money now!
Oct 1, 2023
I'd love a dark green set like this is mt3
Not having an Intl. kit in these doubleshot ABS sets in this day and age is off-putting. I love the MT3 profile, but the incentive to pick any of these kits up at full price (or even at pre-order prices) knowing that I'll never be able to fully utilize it without the Intl. kit is gone entirely.
Sep 20, 2023
But if you look at many sets where there are international add-ons, they sell out before anything else. SA Laser and Carbon's UK sets sold out ages ago, and since no more have been produced, of course the sales are low - you can't buy what's not in stock. MT3 /dev/tty's international kit was among the first to disappear in the previous round. It was almost four years before a new round brought it back! In the interim, people who needed those keys just bought something else. There's also the closure of Drop's EU warehouse, and the lack of international proxies that makes international users feel like second class citizens here. Hefty customs and shipping fees on top of often sold-out or unavailable international kits makes it less likely people overseas will even look here.
Sep 20, 2023
One more thing - all of Drop's branded boards are ANSI only, even if they could have been designed with dual layout support. Not being able to put international caps on boards bought here surely dampens sales of those kits.
Sep 18, 2023
What keyboard is that red case? Looks like a drop alt high profile, but I don't see that red case for sale.
Sep 18, 2023
joefitzUnfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s just a render. It does look quite nice, there is a low profile version in burgundy however.
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