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Drop MT3 Solarized Keycap Set

Drop MT3 Solarized Keycap Set

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Product Description
Charting a path across the desktop daytime sky, Ethan Schoonover’s iconic Solarized IDE theme rose to Mech Keys popularity here on Drop with its very own DCX Solarized Keycap Set. Now, it’s reaching its midday apex with our retro MT3 profile Read More

Jun 12, 2024
Shoutout to Bunny for originally bringing Ethan's lovely colorway to keycaps.
Love the spacebar kit (especially since all sizes come in both colors, which is cool to see). Sadly, I'm not in the market for more MT3s without R5; R5 is a pretty big game changer in terms of ergonomics / typing comfort.
Jun 12, 2024
TopreLoveYes, the omission of R5 is jarring. That, and the lack of Colevrak on a set that uses an IDE colorway, when programmers that use IDEs are more often Colevrak users than the general public.
TopreLoveAFAIK there's no R5 molds for MT3 abs 2shot and Drop is never going to make one. If you look back throughout all the MT3 sets that have been released, only the sets made in PBT have R5 bottom row
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