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Drop SHIFT V1 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Drop SHIFT V1 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
Our largest keyboard to date, the feature-loaded SHIFT does full-size right. Now, it’s back in a barebones package that gives you everything but the keycaps and switches Read More

Would love this to have a dark green case I can put on it.
Feb 15, 2023
Where's the high profile redesign of the SHIFT that was promised years ago? Is there any news yet?
Thanks for your review here man. I am newer to the hobby and there seem to be some really cool kits that are solder only, which at first turned me away. But recently I’ve seen people online who don’t seem to have an issue with it. (I also think it’s a skill that would be a feather in my cap), Do you have any recommendations on a beginner board or any quick tips on things you learned quickly that made it easier? Or any recommendations tools (does it matter?) or techniques? Was going to send you a private note or message but I don't think this an option here. Any info would be helpful and appreciated. Let me know and hope you have a good weekend. Best, Peter Boston, MA
A community member
Jun 18, 2022
peterLVXCannonkeys sells cheap practice solder boards, that you can migrate into fancier cases later on if they come out okay.
Thank you for this filefish. 😎
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