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Drop Signature Series Purple Midnight Keyboard

Drop Signature Series Purple Midnight Keyboard

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Product Description
On any desk, the finest tech always deserves a bit of flair. In our latest Signature Series installment—the Purple Midnight Keyboard—we embodied that belief in a blacked-out build accented by a subtle pop of purple Read More

Jul 11, 2022
kinda new to this. can i use this to configure this keyboard?
adf02kdYes, that will get you started. There are a couple of videos on YouTube that I would recommend, but I do not seem to have bookmarked them. A few searches on YouTube may be illuminating.
Apr 14, 2022
$300 and still tethered by a cable. I really wish Drop would do a wireless keyboard. I won't go back to wired. I have two wireless keyboards with RGB lighting and battery life that lasts multiple weeks, with all day usage. There really isn't an excuse to not have that option any longer, especially at this price point.
Oct 13, 2021
Any chance we can have a drop for those keycaps?
Oct 14, 2021
inPractikLYeah we absolutely need a drop for those keycaps! Love that shade of purple on a simple black.
inPractikLSoon. Though this initial release will be a standard 104 set. No support for other layouts to start :(
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