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Ducky PBT Seamless Backlit Keycap Set

Ducky PBT Seamless Backlit Keycap Set

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Product Description
Currently, shine-through keycaps are made with broken, two-piece legends. When backlit, the effect is decent, but it’s not as clear as it could be Read More

Customer Reviews

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Jul 21, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Just installed these on my WASD Code Keyboard, and these are replacing a set of Vortex PBT keycaps. Right off the bat, I like the font on these keys better than the Vortex. As others have noted, the Vortex has the 'stencil' effect, while these do not. I do see some keys which have dim zones in the lettering, but no cutouts. The fit on the stem and weight of the keys feel very similar to the Vortex as well. Like others noted, my set does not have the shine through space bar, or the caps lock indicator, but my keyboard does not have a back light under the space bar, and I appreciate the clean look of just the caps lock symbol, so these don't bother me personally. I will say, the feel is different than the Vortex keys, as well as the non-branded PBT set I had before this. Both of those sets had a texture to the keys that made it feel a bit like you had a grip on the keys, while the Ducky is smooth, similar to a lot of ABS caps I've tried. All in all, the clean font, PBT weight, symbol design, and general fit and feel is exactly what I was looking for and I would definitely recommend these as a solid replacement if you're looking to upgrade from an ABS set or if you like a clean, minimal look.
May 30, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I have both this keycap set (black) and the vortex PBT backlit set. These keycaps are more sturdy than the vortex ones. They have a nice feel and are thick. Additionally I like the fact that the font is not a stencil type. Like another reviewer mentioned I didn't get a space bar with the translucent dots which is disappointing. If this drop becomes available again I will definitely be picking up another set.
Pros: Sturdy Non stencil style font Allows a decent amount of light to pass through Fit on stems securely
Cons: Space bar missing translucent dots
Apr 19, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Overall this is my favorite doubleshot shine through pbt set i've seen on here, but the keys are not quite what is pictured (black set). The space bar does not have the shine through design and the caps lock button does not have the circular shine through indicator. Also I have found the keys to be slightly more loose than I am used to from cherry compatible keycap sets.
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