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Durgod K710 Hi-Keys 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod K710 Hi-Keys 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Durgod K710 Hi-Keys is a compact, 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard that takes all the functionality you’d want in a 75% keyboard and packs it into a sleek, futuristic form factor. Looking down from the top, virtually the entire footprint of the K710 is covered by just the keycaps—giving the allusion that there’s no case Read More

Jan 6, 2023
Yea... board small enough and I would tell others to make the "light" assumption that 'dey prolly wantz da bluetooth/wireless'....'. Mostly love the Durgods.
Jan 6, 2023
Wow! It comes with Kailh Turbo keycaps. Nothing says you know your target audience quite like it.
Jan 6, 2023
Hello everyone! The Durgod K710 is not hot swappable. It does include soft white backlit lights. It has eight preset illumination patterns that can be set according to your preference. The keyboard is also long-lasting, up to 360days via Bluetooth 5.0 or 200 days, with 2.4 gigahertz wireless (based on 8 hour per day usage). The keyboards can be fully charged in around three hours.
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