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Dwarf Factory Mc.Long Mecha Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Mc.Long Mecha Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Dwarf Factory’s Mecha-style keycaps bring whimsy, sci-fi styling, and painstaking detail to the artisan keycap space. Inspired by 2024’s denomination as the Year of the Dragon, the Mc.Long Mecha Artisan Keycap brings a long, Asian Dragon character to the mechanized world Read More

💫 🐲Greetings, Earthlings! It’s us again - the lovely Dwarfs! This Jan, we venture into the realm of the Primal Mecha - Mc. Long - mighty beings that lie in slumber, waiting for a worthy one to awaken their power! ✨ Let us introduce you to the 8 🐉 Mc. Long artisan key dragons in size 2.25U (profile: SA R3), the optimal length to showcase the mechs’ finest details. ✨ All Mc. Longs are LED shine-through: just turn on LED power and witness them rise and shine! ✨ Mc. Longs will emerge in 4 exotic colors: 🔥 Mictlan, Beige, Az-Teks, Red Lunar 🔥 along with 4 Dwarven all-stars: 🌟 Commander, Aqua Kunzite, Voltage and Sentry 🌟 💓 The Primal Mecha: Mc. Longs are just the legendary Mech designed for your Lunar New Year keeb! They convey our best wishes to you, Dwarf's friends and allies ⭐ ❣️ Love y’all & thank you for your love for Dwarven creations, as always! Dwarf Factory
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