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Dwarf Factory The Lighthouse Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory The Lighthouse Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Dwarf Factory has a knack for capturing breathtaking scenes in tiny spaces. The Lighthouse artisan is another good example Read More

Jul 4, 2019
Pretty disappointed that you shipped with signature confirmation, I'm stuck on vacation and won't be able to sign for it
Yamizagait's shipping method from Drop, hmmm i think contacting drop may helps
Jul 4, 2019
Finally received my Miami and Amethyst SA and I love them. Very detailed, the only complaint I have is that the amethyst one looks like it has glitter or something in it and I wasn't expecting that other than that I absolutely love them.
JPfeiff23It's glitter actually xD. It's a part of the design ^^!
Jun 27, 2019
Just got email saying mine are getting shipped! can't wait!!
Hi everyone! We just received new from DHL Express, that US custom is currently keeping the Lighthouse package. DHL just informed us 10 mins ago, we handled it already. Massdrop will receive the package then perform fulfillment work ASAP. Again, we are so sorry for this incident. P/S: here is tracking link for your reference:
It's not COD at all, the payment is to clear custom's import fee. Since they couldn't contact MD for fee clearance, they contacted back to us, and we signed on a paper to agree to pay for the fee already. They are going to handling it ASAP.
Jun 25, 2019
DwarfFactoryAh cool, thanks for the info. It seems like everything is ahead of schedule anyway even with this delay, which is great. Very excited about the keycap, I have 3 other Dwarf Factory ones and they're all incredible!
Jun 18, 2019
hey got any updates on this, since they already shipped about 3weeks ago to massdrop? can we expect an earlier shipping than estimated?
rob_gerhi Rob, I thought they shipped it out already. We delivered it to Massdrop 3 weeks ago
We just done producing Lighthouse. Big package was shipped out to Massdrop. As usual, can't wait to have your feedback. Please tag us on your Instagram @dwarf.factory or using #dwarffactory in case you review our products <3 The product is 100% handmade, through a complicated process in 11 steps. Hence, there might be some minor infections that we'd love to seek for your understanding! Since it's hand-made, each keycap is a unique keycap that you cannot find anywhere else. Last but not least, if you have any issue with the cap(s), please don't hesitate to contact us via: Cheers!
May 13, 2019
Now really wish Apollo came in the DOM profile... Dwarf Factory if you're listening...
Geracoming soon xD
Already started production

Apr 29, 2019
My first artisan purchase. I have been waiting forever to spot one I really like and consider a worthy purchase. Occasionally I'll see something I like the look of but miss the drop. So glad I checked here today, this looks breathtaking and absolutely cannot wait to see the Blue Sea - Dom replace my Escape key!
L1hamcan't wait till you see your first artisan in person <3
Apr 30, 2019
L1hamAlso my first artisan, it will go great with my MAXKEY Grey and Blue set, can't wait!
Apr 29, 2019
Definitely buying this to go with GMK Nautilus Nightmares
Rexiosyep, definitely
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